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Incompetent devs

Some “fix” beast now devours a random ally instead of selected one, it even devours itself. Perhaps you could stop releasing that which has blatantly not been tested? The past few months has just been a series of embarrassments.

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Sacrificial Priest, Elspeth, and Black Beast should be devouring the final troop only. If they are choosing other troops, please take some screenshots and post them – this is not the behavior that they should have!

Is devouring the last troop the behavior they should have? No, no its not. Why is it the behavior they have now? Competence?


It is the behavior they have been announced to have. This is a hot fix because 3.2 broke targeting in a way that requires a client fix to truly correct. I agree that the devs dropped the ball on introducing the targeting bug. However, they have since changed how the game is supposed to behave. If the game doesn’t match their description, that is yet another bug that needs addressing.

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Its a stopgap fix for an unforseen bug involving targeting. While not ideal, the troops can more or less be used in a similar manner to how they would normally (albeit not quite as well in most cases). It is preferable to both leaving the exploit in for a full update cycle or completely disabling the troops in question by pushing new spell data changing the spell effects to “deal 0 damage”. In fairness, this is actually the kind of weird thing that you wouldn’t even be looking for during internal testing that actually could slip through a legitimate thorough QA process (there are some other things that there are really no excuse for). My hope is that this is now added to a list somewhere for to test for reversion every build to prevent it happening in the future and a getting the real fix out asap.


I think some people need to take a step back here and consider just HOW complicated this game is!

How many creatures are there? How many different traits? How many different combinations of troops are there?

I’ve worked in programing and design in the past and I know for a fact that, even on simple jobs, it’s easy for “just one small change” to one thing to cause a (seemingly) totally unrelated problem elsewhere.

So, yes, there are problems, but most people are playing this game for FREE, yet expect five star service as if they are entitled to demand it.

Give the Devs a break, tell them what the problems are and I’m sure they’ll fix them as soon as possible, but they can’t do it with people constantly jumping on their backs…


Then they need to re-label the cards stating that it is how their spells work. P.E.'s spell states this:

Create 11 Gems of a chosen ally’s Mana Color and kill them. Summon a random Knight.

This means you the player can choose which card (ally card) you want, since the card is broken and no longer performs this way, it means the devs can’t read their own spells and make them work that way, maybe we need new devs? Ones with reading skills?

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Totally agree. People seem to think the Devs are sat around drinking champagne and smoking cigars, when actually they spend every day working on the game that we love.

You can bet they’ve got the message loud and clear about the new UI as every single channel of communication has blown up.

I feel a little queazy having read so many entitled people raging about the same point over and over again from the last 24 hours. I think the migraine/eye strain/accessibility issue is a huge one. For everything else, people need to calm the **** down.


This update is far from perfect, like most updates, but, this game is giving me 1 or 2 new troop each week, and regular new kingdoms.

For a match -3 strategic game on my phone, i could not ask for a more active and productive team of devs.

Sure, the ball gets drop. But to drop it you need to at least carry it, and the Gems of War team is great at it.


I think this time they dropped it and kicked it a few times, then when bending down to pick it up they pulled a back muscle.


This made me literally lol! :joy:

Although, I must respectfully disagree. It has its issues but I trust they will sort them out sooner rather than later. :wink:

Very funny though…


Yeah I don’t think everything was bad, but the visibility part is really what gets me

I agree that we all hurl way too much abuse at the Devs. Keeping the game balanced and playable while releasing new content every week is an almost impossible task.

Maybe a new business model needs to be introduced. Something radical and new. How about: instead of releasing new content every week the Devs just work on one complete game, test it, release it, and then work on an update for release a year or two later?

How about, instead of enticing gamers with “free-to-play” and then trying to figure out how to fleece them of their cash, they release a complete, unbroken game with a price tag of $50 or $60 and then spend their time trying to make paying players happy?

I know it’s a radical idea that’s probably never been tried in the history of computer games, but who knows it just might work! :wink:


(I actually prefer new content every week, keeps it fresh :stuck_out_tongue:)


They’ve been holding more balls than Elton John and Miley Cyrus combined…

It’s not just one ball dropped, almost every release for the past few months seems to unbalance the game further or break something (or many things). Meanwhile the most glaringly obvious issues are glossed over in favour of beautification.
Releases might not be perfect, but they simply shouldn’t happen unless it has been thoroughly tested. I’m seriously doubting that is happening.
Using the complexity of the software as an excuse is silly; if it’s more complex it needs more investment in QA. Hardly rocket science! Even if they don’t want to pay for testers there’s plenty of fans here that invest huge time in the game. I bet they’d love to beta test releases.

It might be possible to play for free but don’t forget it’s there to make money and they’re asking people to part with cash to progress and be competitive.
Is it as bad as EA and other companies charging large sums up front for crap? No.
Is it the worst thing that’s happening in the world right now? Of course not.
We’re on a GoW forum though so not sure what people are expecting to be posted. If a lot of it is negative then maybe focusing on resolving that would be a starting point?

Unsurprisingly the most hardcore of fans will always accept the situation and pump the money into the game though so I guess like most companies it’s no big deal to “fix” things later.

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You are correct partly so its hard to fix all the issues is a good reason not to complicate the game with the mess we have now til they fix said issues…Baby steps not change the game look so radical that most have no clue what they are doing…I have a big screen tv and I have to get like 6 inches from it to see how many stars my kingdoms are…I have a fix for that…how about putting a number in there instead like 8* instead of making me get up and look like I’m kissing my tv set. This can’t be this hard.

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In regards to the bug, our team is doing their best to work on a fix for it now. We are uncertain as to whether it will be a hotfix or need a client update, but we are doing our best.


I am a vip level 8 so I have invested a lot of money in this game. The game today is nowhere near the game I paid for, it has become unplayable and this is why I am so pissed. It has taught me a valuable lesson, don’t play micro-transaction games!!! You pay and they can burn it to the ground at anytime.


I’d hardly call them incompetent. The game is working is it not? There are some oversights but I don’t know how to program my own game and I doubt many on here could.

@Saltypatra, I don’t doubt that.

On one level I think all the freakouts every time an OP troop is introduced are a little silly. I also think that you and the rest of the mods do a good job of trying to keep things on track and I wince at some of the overheated complaints that get tossed your way.

On another level I think all the histrionics are acting-out of a deeper unease about the direction of the game and a sense (right or wrong) that things have spun a bit out of control.

Beyond the first paragraph, which was sincere, my post above was mostly joking around. But my underlying point was serious. The current business model for gaming completely sucks (maybe for you guys as much as players). Advertising a game as “free to play” inevitably puts the players and the game company on a collision course.

Instead of being grateful to the game developers for making a fun/interesting/entertaining piece of software, many players come to resent the game makers because the techniques that (I guess) maximize revenue eventually lead the players to feel cheated, exploited, manipulated, or all three.

I don’t have any solutions to offer, it’s just my observation that the “free to play” model is terrible long-term for game companies and turns off players to both the specific games and perhaps gaming in general.

I say this as a player who just achieved VIP level 5 here from buying the ‘daily gems’ for a year. I didn’t do that for the ‘VIP chests’ or whatever, I did it to support the game. Yet I feel like my support hasn’t earned me much respect from the company. I’m not here for a free ride, but at the same time making me feel like a chump by nerfing guild tasks and LTs (to name one example) isn’t gonna pry extra gold from my grubby hands!

I wish you luck in solving this problem and hope GoW prospers. But I worry. :worried: