Broaden Mastery Level

I have a task on the PS4 that states, “Broaden your mastery levels according to the troops you like to train and use in your armies” I’ve been using the same troops for a month or more. ive leveled up many times over. My levels are all 25+. How do I achieve this task!?

If you click L1 while you’re on the main map, you should get an expanded task screen that usually gives a slightly better description of what you need to do. Or is that already the expanded description?

What level are you?

I would guess you just need to go up 1 level and increase any gem mastery to complete that task.

Already expanded. Level 123.

Have you levelled up since you got that task?

I’ve had this task for over a month and I’ve done that a lot

I’m out of ideas then. Try contacting the devs, it might be glitched.


There are two sets of tasks: 1 set of “linear tasks” that players work through until they are all done, and then a second set of “daily tasks” that randomly pop up once the first set is done. There isn’t a published list of the linear tasks as far as I know, but you’d think that what you’ve done would get you there (I would have guessed maybe get all colors to 10 or 20). It’s been over a year since I went through them myself, so I don’t remember that one at all. You might need to put a ticket in to support to find out if there is a bug and the task isn’t clearing when it should, or if you just haven’t reached the threshold necessary to clear it. Maybe it is 25 in all 6 colors, which you couldn’t reach until level 150? It only counts the base bonuses and nothing from your guild, hero class, etc. When you level up, it should show your base mastery on the left hand side when you are choosing which colour.

The link to contact support is here:

Let me also check with someone that I know who is just a little farther along than you. @vangor, do you remember this task (or have you seen it yet)?

Never seen or heard of those tasks before… We were told that daily tasks were being expanded to though.

Ok when I level up and on the left side of screen when it shows me my gems and gives me a choice as to what gem to level up they are all at 25+. It’s just a bit annoying lol

I think it requires all masteries to be 25 but i could be wrong


5k gold reward, it can’t be anything too complicated.

If you’re level 123, you shouldn’t have been able to get them all to 25 yet. 6 colours x 25 levels = 150. Something might be goofy with your mana masteries if they are all showing over 25. I think you may need to contact support…

Can you provide a SS of the second set of text for the task please?

On rhe yellow one it says hero +20 under the total

Thise totals are for hero+guild+class ect

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Thanks for the screenshot. Your Blue mastery is showing as a total of 37, and you’re getting 12 from your guild and 4 from your kingdoms. That means your base mastery is only 21. Every time you level up, just keep choosing the lowest option and you’ll eventually unlock that task (assuming it requires 25 for each).

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So thenits mastery + hero being the part that I have to bring up to lev 25 of each gem color?