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L1000 question (likely dumb)

So, uh, I have a super-stupid question.

I reached Level 1000 today (yay!) and first thing I noticed upon leveling further is that some nice stuff appears in my mail upon leveling. Which is awesome! It took me then six more levels before it suddenly hit me that I didn’t get to choose Mana Mastery colors anymore.

So this bummed me out because I tried to level everything equally but had gotten bad color picks at the end so it’s actually not even at all. And so I went and checked the forum and found threads from April where people said that it stopped at 1000 for PC/mobile while consoles didn’t have it stop and then a dev posted that it would change to cap at 1500. But, uh, it doesn’t do that for me and that was posted months ago. So what’s up with that? When will that change? I loved leveling my mana colors - I know it didn’t do much at the higher levels, but I loved seeing the numbers rise and always celebrated when I would get every color up to the next round number.

Is this as intended? Did the 1500 cap get cancelled after all? Or does Mana Mastery now only occur more rarely? I dragged myself to 1010 now and nothing. Not that I dislike the nice mail rewards - in fact, I love them, but I miss seeing actual progress in the form of Mana Mastery.

I’ve not seen a Mana Mastery upgrade myself past 1000 and I play PC.

The diminishing returns on Mastery means you’re not missing out on much if anything. I know this doesn’t help your concern directly but maybe it sheds some useful light on the subject? (I also think the linked article is dated but the general gist is still correct)


Thanks for the insight! I hadn’t known that link yet, but of course I experienced firsthand that not much changed in the surge numbers anymore. It is just about my horrible OCD and how it felt satisfying to level the colors up (I enjoyed it and found it motivating since every level meant an improvement to my numbers - I looked forward to reaching 200 with everything!).

It’s not a stupid question. The cap was never raised and no further communication has been sent. While I like getting bigger numbers (who doesn’t?), mastery upgrades in particular are handled poorly in this game. They feel like an old-school (user-hostile) RPG choice:

  1. At the time you choose, you can’t reference any troops or weapons so you can’t play to your strengths;
  2. You can’t defer your decision at all;
  3. You get a strange choice of two values instead of all six;
  4. Mistakes cannot be undone;
  5. Everyone wants them even and it’s often impossible to do so, which is an OCD eyetwitch moment;
  6. Ultimately, the diminishing returns mean your choices are irrelevant anyway.

The last point basically excuses the rest, turning a frustrating false-choice into a non-event, but I can definitely see why they’ve chosen to abandon the system at high level.


This is know as “Sammy’s Curse of Uneven Masteries”. :wink:


Huh, that lack of communication is odd after an announcement had been made. Weird.

At first I actually concentrated on colors until I realized I need to level them evenly to get weapons and when I had them all unlocked my OCD kept me leveling them equally (actually not a kidding thing, I have diagnosed OCD and it’s driving me bonkers that they’re uneven now), though I always prioritized the colors of my favourite characters if possible.

I understand the abandoning of the system, really; I just wish they would give us a way to adjust things then since a stop means no way of doing so anymore by leveling further. Oh, and some warning before reaching 1000 would have been nice as well, like some automated mail at level 900 that there’s only 100 masteries left.

But really, an announced cap raise that never happened? What in the world is up with that? Intrigued by the fact that there was a feature announced and then seemingly cancelled without explanation and no one made a fuss about it. Seems odd for both devs and community. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well, it might still happen. We don’t know what lurks in the hearts and minds of the folks at IP2.

True enough, though I will likely be past 1500 when/if it happens and get nothing then - well, at least if gaining levels remains as fast as it is right now; I guess it might slow down soon since most folks seem to be between 1100 and 1500 and I started only in August and reached 1000 “already”. I do hope it will happen anyway, though, just because of how fun and motivating leveling the colors is.

Leveling slows to a crawl after 1,000.


I hope they don’t stop them at 1500 because 1525 is what you need to get them all 65% I believe. I’ve had them all 64% for AGES can’t remember what lv I got them all there but not long after 1000 iirc.

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For the record, masteries keep increasing past level 1000 on console. I think it is the only difference of note between the two versions now.

As far as I know, I don’t think anyone on console has reached level 1500 to confirm whether it actually stops.

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Unless you are @en9nhcet



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Aww, now I wish I would play on console! It’s sad that, irrelevant as it may be in terms of numbers, there’s still such a difference. I do hope console people still get the mail rewards, though - these make much more of a difference, after all - afte reaching 1000. If all they “get” is still Mana Mastery that would be mean.

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No, don’t worry. We still get the bonus rewards too.

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I had no idea gem masteries stopped increasing after level 1000 on PC.

Lol @ PC players

We’re so good we don’t “need” the extra masteries! :sunglasses: