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Skill level reduced by at least half in my Kingdom?

I’m over level 200 & my Red Mana level is over 120. I always pick the red when I level up (when it’s offered) - but now, since this update, my Red is down to 62. SIXTY TWO! All my other colours seem about right, what they were before the update.

I’m severely disappointed right now with this update. WHY did my red go down so much? I played hours & hours & hours to level up, to get this, and now I’m robbed. This is not a good developer update.

You’ve changed some troops’ attributes to a negative affect. Why did you change the current troops?

I can’t change my defending squad in PvP, I keep selecting the one I want, but when I go back in, it shows a previous, and so now, thanks to you changing troop attributes, and not accepting a new defending squad, I lose every single PvP thrown my way.

I am done spending money on this game and I am 2 inches close to deleting it from my console. The one and only reason I’m keeping it right now is because I have a Guild.

They are displaying the rank up in a useful format (Hero only). You haven’t lost anything. Go into your hero tab. Hero + Guild + Kingdoms = Mastery

I’m on Xbox One…

One more thing. It looks like the guild bug is back. You must launch the Guild tab to get the Guild Mastery bonus.

Again, I’m on Xbox One…

The fact you are on Xbox One does not change the advice he gave you. Makes perfect sense to me as a fellow Xbox One player.

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Your total mastery % did go down though. This is due to an adjustment to guild masteries… that’s a different issue to OPs though

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The level up screen only shows the heroes mastery level now, and that’s a good thing.

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noticed the same, all my bonusses are halved.