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Skill Mana Reduced By at Least Half

I’m over level 200 & my Red Mana level is over 120. I always pick the red when I level up (when it’s offered) - but now, since this update, my Red is down to 62. SIXTY TWO! All my other colours seem about right, what they were before the update.

I’m severely disappointed right now with this update. WHY did my red go down so much? I played hours & hours & hours to level up, to get this, and now I’m robbed. This is not a good developer update.

You’ve changed some troops’ attributes to a negative affect. Why did you change the current troops?

I can’t change my defending squad in PvP, I keep selecting the one I want, but when I go back in, it shows a previous, and so now, thanks to you changing troop attributes, and not accepting a new defending squad, I lose every single PvP thrown my way.

I am done spending money on this game and I am 2 inches close to deleting it from my console. The one and only reason I’m keeping it right now is because I have a Guild.

The masteries were showing our totals when leveling. Now it only shows the points invested via leveling. If you look at your hero page it displays the total and breaks down where they are coming from (levels, guild etc.)

The total should be the same as before, hopefully.

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Are the Console masteries now in line with the PC/mobile ones? Masteries used to be asymptotic at 100% (meaning they’d slow down as you got more points and you’d never be able to reach 100%). They were changed for PC/mobile to become asymptotic at 73% in 1.0.8:

If this just hit consoles then you might additionally be feeling this loss. (To be fair, it affects your opponent as well, so it’s probably a wash.)

I’ve noticed when i level up the mana levels on the left side are correct except for red, it was showing 32 when it should have been 52. When looking in hero menu, it correctly showed 52. Not sure if it’s just a display error. @Sirrian do you know about this one?

Just to chime in, this is the case. Masteries shown on the left when levelling now are the totals for just your hero. It used to display your total value.

Troop attributes were changed to be more in line with the current state of troops in the PC/Mobile version of the game. We’re always striving to be as close to them as possible, but for now we’re lagging slightly behind.


You may have also been counting your hero class bonus in the old number. Before the update, any bonus from your class (maximum 20) was added into your ‘hero’ mastery on the hero screen when the hero, guild and kingdom masteries would cycle through.


I think you’re right stan. I focused on red to lvl 50 when i found out that weapon unlocks were tied to that stat. I’ve been catching up all other colours for what seems like a very long time; I thought i hit red 50 before hero update, but i just flipped hero class, and it does show red down 20 pts. on hero
Does this mean one could unlock weapons by flipping hero classes? (If class was leveled enough to push over unlock threshold)

I am actually delighted with this long-needed change that removed the useless global masteries display and FIXED IT so that it shows only the hero’s personal base mana during Levelup.

THANK YOU now I can unlock my Legendary Hero weapons without guessing which random color to choose using nothing but a hope and a prayer!!

@xangiexdx Stan is right. The way you’re seeing your skill mana displaying on console currently is the way it was supposed to be, all along. Previously for some reason it was only showing correctly when we leveled up during Arena. It’s finally been brought in line with the PC/Mobile version.

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Hero weapon unlocks depend purely on leveling up your personal base mana stats for the necessary color(s). The Hero Class gem bonuses do not count. :wink:


Yup, lol back to red :relaxed: