My teams just flipped from 9,999 to 10,000

This happened maybe 1 hour ago. All of my 9,999 are now showing at 10K. I’m not sure it means anything?



Do you have everything maxed? I also noticed mine was higher also

My team are showing 10 032, it’s on xbox



other than from mastery its 1 point per 15 levels if i recall

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All of my teams are currently over 10k. Think it’s an old-timer’s bonus.

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Damn, i’m pretty young with over 10030’s too!


But I didn’t do anything to my recollection. I played over 550 PvP this week and the change happend apparently at random between checking teams.

I didn’t do anything to mine, either. I think we have enough kingdom bonuses now to push up the numbers.

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You gained a level.


Aside from team comp, which is just the sum of the score value of every troop added to each other and then added to your global score bonus, as of the Adobe version the known score components are:

  • Hero level (regardless if they are on team or not). There are extreme diminishing returns on how many points you get, from a dozen or more points at low level down to a fraction of a point per level at level 1000+.
  • Number of level 10 kingdoms (40 points each)
  • unlocked skill bonuses from guild tasks (160 points for each completed task color except red which is 180 points for whatever reason)
  • guild statue levels, to an effective cap (cap was 500 points total on Adobe, may be different now because scores changed dramatically when engines changed)

The following things do not contribute to your score (as of data gathering for Adobe version):

  • Mastery bonuses (things that happen to add mastery give the score, not the mastery themselves - leveling kingdoms or your current class does not alter your score, despite adding more mastery)
  • skill bonuses (things that happen to add skill bonuses give the score, not the bonuses themselves - Leveling kingdoms to 10 changes your score, but not five starring them to get the double skill bonus)

I haven’t looked deeply into the new formula after it changed when moving to Unity, so I can’t say for sure which values changed or if something that didn’t alter score before does not, but it is different.

The only thing small enough to make sense out of the known components for your minor score change is either leveling or getting a guild statue level. Given it happened at the end of the week, the logical assumption is (as others have already said) that you leveled.

Pre post edit:
I decided to do a little digging. For reference, my current full mythic full traited team score cap is 9935 with one kingdom at below level 10, hero level 1204, and guild statues at 158, 159, 158, 147, 157, and 153. I was able to determine the guild itself is adding 500 points by entering and leaving with an alt (1992 points to 2492 on my main team) despite having all guild task skill bonuses unlocked. This would indicate that having a guild skill bonus unlocked either currently doesn’t contribute any points, and also now that there is something adding about 1500 score points at endgame that we don’t know about, since endgame scores went up about 500 points after the engine change.

I then did the following:

  • Unlocked three kingdoms. No score changed.
  • Took two kingdoms to 5, and another one to 9, for a total of 16 mastery points gained (in addition to the 3 for unlocking moments before). No score change.
  • Leveled Blighted Lands to 10, score now 2532. (gained exactly 40, as predicted)
  • Opened some keys, got some new troops, no score change.
  • Gained a level (52-53), score from 2532 to 2544. Yes, they give massive score changes early on followed by heavy diminishing returns, to the point where leveling is detrimental before you can build a collection or be able to farm souls well since it affects the scaling of quests at low level and PvP matchmaking. Xp is bad.
  • Another level, 2557. So far, everything is behaving exactly as I expected.
  • Gained a PvP tier, no change.
  • Became an Orbweaver (from no class), 2574 but the hero is on the team… didn’t note my other teams score at the time, so that warrants further investigation.
  • Leveled orbweaver from 0 to 1 - 2591, but no change to a second team that doesn’t have the hero on it.
  • 2608 for another orbweaver level, no change on teams that don’t have the hero. Doesn’t seem linear, but leveling class still only seem to affect local score rather than global, so we can still rule out Mastery having a direct influence on score.
  • Leveled Erinyes (not on any of my teams) from 1 to 5, no score change
  • Left the guild and restarted my game. Score now 2108.
  • Leveled a troop on my team. Score now 2143. (+35 per troop level, exactly what expected)

A team of 4 level 1 commons has a score of 886. 140 of this is from the troops (35x4), which leaves 746 from everything else. 120 points is accounted for from kingdoms, which leaves about 626 points for 56 levels, which tracks (if memory serves, being a level 1 hero is worth about 40 points, but I’d have to find my old notes).

For good measure, I brought on another account (level 21) and made a team with four level 1 untraited commons. Total score 433. (total added by the troops is 140, or 35x4)

  • Joined guild outlined above, score now 933.
  • Gained a level, total score 945.
  • Restarted and gave it an hour, but the score remains the same. Since maxed guild tasks should be adding over 1000 score points by itself, I can confirm that guild task skill bonuses added team score is once again broken, at least for new additions to the guild.

Logged on my level 250 alt, made a team of level 1 commons, and five starred Darkstone, which was already level 10. gained exactly 40 points, which means that the issue where five starring a kingdom didn’t add any score points has been fixed. I previously ran this test when the unity switch arrived and noted that my score did not change on five starring a kingdom, but logic dictactes that I had to have been mistaken since there have been no big score changes since the Unity switch over, and 5 star skill bonuses account for over 1000 points.

Adding the data from before, if I five starred and level 10’d Merlantis, I’d should have 10015 points on a maxed team in a total statue level 500+ guild at hero level 1204. Everyone in an endgame guild at level 1000+ should be in a comparable range plus or minus a few points form hero level with a difference of 40 points for each kingdom they haven’t five starred, unless there is yet another score contributor I have not uncovered.

In summary:

  • You leveled.
  • Unity fixed five star kingdoms contributing to score, but broke Guild Task bonuses contributing to score.



It means you’re one better. :yum::yum::yum: