Data Gather: Team Power 2 - Mastery Boogaloo

So following on from a thread that @killerman3333 made back when Team Power was first introduced, and in which we figured out the general formula for Team Power, I need all your helps.

Sometime while I was away (or quite possibly when 2.2 came out) the value of each mana mastery changed. It used to be on a sliding scale from 5 to 3 getting lower as you got higher values. We used 4.333r as a general value and it worked pretty well. But this no longer works, and I’m looking to try and find the new values.

This is what we know so far (which preliminary testing shows to still be true):

Troop Level = 35 points
Rarity of the troop = 25 * rarity (Common = 0, Mythic = 5 etc)
Traits = (Number of traits)^2 * 50 (Note: I don’t remember exactly why this worked, I think traits are 50, 150 and 250, but this formula worked and was simpler to read)

Kingdoms at level 10 = 40 points per kingdom - It appears this is 40 points per stat point as the 4 point bonuses from guild tasks increase your score by 160.

Now for Masteries…
It used to be each colour Hero Mastery * 4.333r + each colour Guild Mastery * 4.333r. However this is no longer true (likely due to the much higher level of mastery you can get from guilds now)

So what I need from people is this. Look at your team score before you level up, and after and see how much changes. And the same for when a guild task completes. Check before and after and see how much changes.

My results so far:
Guild Mastery increase = 1 point (level 70-80ish statue)
Level Up increase = 3 points (level 169, Masteries around the 25-30 range)