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Information Gathering - Team Scores


Recently, after increasing Silverglade to five star and unlocking the extra magic bonus I noticed that none of my teams scores changed. In comparing the score values to some screenshots I had taken the week prior, I noticed only a 41 point difference in any given team, 40 of which was obtained by leveling Silverglade to level 10. The extra 1 point could have been accounted for by our guild masteries increasing (however, we also got more than one guild mastery point in the interim, but all but one of our statues are above level 100, so this could be a factor). Since this time, I have five starred not one but two kingdoms, Blackhawk and Silverglade.

There are some other threads asking for similar info:

But they are missing the one crucial piece of data I am looking for. What I am looking, specifically, is how much score unlocking the double skill bonus for getting five kingdom stars contributes to any given team. I’m also looking to determine how much score, if any, kingdom mastery bonuses add and if guild statue levels past 100 contribute anything to team score.

So, calling all players that have a couple minutes to spare, I’d like to know:

A team score of any team with fully traited, level 20 mythic troops. If you don’t have any mythics, any team with four of the same troop will suffice, fully traited level 20 just makes the math a bit easier.
Your Guild statue levels.
How many kingdoms you have at level 10. (and if you are still leveling kingdoms, see if they change your team scores at all)
How many kingdoms you have five starred.
Your current level.

I believe the guild mastery formula has some kind of diminishing returns component and not a straight cap. At first I thought this might be related to how much surge chance you gain, even in the decimals, but my low level account is still getting four team score points every single level, despite being at a 41% surge chance. I know getting this many points per level cannot last, otherwise, I would far eclipse the score of my high level account even without getting any more skill bonuses.

I’ll start:
My level is 1110.
I have every single kingdom leveled to 10 and five star or above (+ 54 skill points).
I have a total of 17 skill points (+3 attack, +4 life, +2 magic, and +8 armor) currently from the guild bonuses.
My guild’s statue levels are 108, 108, 107, 99, 105, 101.
My maxed out team score is 9498.

My low level account is level 90.
I have every kingdom at level 5 or 6, except the magic and attack ones at 10 (+9 skill points).
I have zero skill points from guild.
My guild’s statue levels are 45, 49, 42, 42, 42, 42, and 46.
A fully traited and leveled legendary team has a score of 6366. My adjusted “level 20 mythic” score would be 60 points higher per troop, or 6606. I’m going to level a bunch of kingdoms to level 6 and see if this changes at all.

Edit: Nine kingdoms leveled from 5 to 6 later, still 6366 score.

Edit 2: Decided to put my low level account progress here.
Level 90 - 6366
9 kingdoms leveled from 5 to 6, no change
Level 91 - 6372 (+6)
Level 92 - 6378 (+6)
green statue leveled from 42 to 43 - 6379 (+1)
Level 93 - 6385 (+6)
Level 94 - 6390 (+5)
Level 95 - 6396 (+6)
(raised zhul-kari, from 1* to 5* no point change)
Level 96 - 6402 (+6)
Level 97 - 6407 (+5)
Level 98 - 6413 (+5)
Level 99 - 6419 (+6)


My level is 1162.
I have every single kingdom leveled to 10 and five star or above except Silverglade still at four star (+53 skill points).
I have a total of 21 skill points (+3 attack, +8 life, +2 magic, and +8 armor) currently from the guild bonuses.
My guild’s statue levels are all 199.
My maxed out team score is 9668.

Edit: stats from guild bonuses.


My level is 1150
All of my kingdoms are level 10 and all but Blackhawk have 5 stars.
Total of 21 skill points from guild bonuses ( 3 attack,8 life,8 armor, 2 magic )
Maxed guild statues for all at 200
My highest team score is 9665

@ZooKeeper, reckon why your max. team score is 3 points higher? The only difference that I can see is you are 12 levels ahead of me.


Green Statue is now level 108. No change in team scores from just that one statue level.

@ZooKeeper - If you have all guild tasks completed, thats +21, not +17. That would have your score fit more in line with what I have seen. The score difference between not having that extra four life is 160 points by most accounts.

Offsetting for the one guild bonus I don’t have unlocked, @Macawi is 7 points ahead of me and 40 levels higher, and @ZooKeeper is 10 points ahead and 52 levels higher, with both having one less kingdom five starred each but a ton more statue mastery bonuses. If statue mastery bonuses still give score, it would have to be very very small small amount, less than 47 points in almost 600 mastery levels assuming five star kingdoms are correctly adding to score, and seven points assuming they aren’t.

That leaves levels. What remains a mystery there is why the 40 level difference between myself and Macawi would equate to 7 points (still have one guild statue level before they are all 100, though) and the 12 level difference between Macawi and Zookeper would equate to to 3 points. Janky rounding? Or perhaps another hidden factor?

Another data point from my guild (so the same masteries)
Level 794
All but two kingdoms at 5+ stars
guild’s statue levels are 108, 108, 107, 99, 105, 101
9412 points with a maxed out team

Thats a 86 point difference for several 316 hero levels (206 of them pre-1000) and two five star kingdoms. Assuming five star kingdoms are being calculated correctly, thats six score points for those 316 levels. Pretty sure that can’t be correct.

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Another data point from my guild
Level 1036
All but two kingdoms at 5+ stars
guild’s statue levels are 108, 108, 108, 99, 105, 101
9482 points with a maxed out team

Thats a 16 point difference for 74 levels and two five star kingdoms. I’m now fairly certain that bare minimum Blackhawk and Silverglade five stars add zero points to your team scores. I’m starting to wonder if any of them do. It would certainly explain why teams of around the same score range have wildly varying score points if what should be 1000+ score points worth of skill bonuses from any other source are not even considered in the formula.

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You’re right. I’m sorry I was sleepy when I type it. :sleepy:

Yup Mac. I still don’t understand how my team score is 3 point higher than you.

mine is

Before the guild updates the hero’s masteries and guild masteries were on a sliding scale of diminishing returns between about 5 and 3 I believe. We used 4.33(reoccuring) as the multiplier and this gave a pretty accurate amount. Since 2.1 and the guild update this has changed. I’m not sure what the multiplier for guild bonuses are (since the numbers go a lot higher) though my theory is that it bottoms out a lot lower than before (at close to 1 point per mastery increase at higher levels). I’m unsure if the hero masteries have changed their multiplier or not, but they seem similar.

It’s unlikely that mastery formula is based on surge chance as @sirrian has mentioned it was a resonably basic formula before, though it has changed since 2.1.

EDIT: What might be useful for people to post is if they’re about to finish a guild task that would level up a guild statue, to look at team scores before an after, and post the difference, and the level change of the statue in question.

My theories/assumptions at the moment are these:

  • Kingdom levels do not affect team power except when you hit level 10 and get the 40 points from the skill bonus.

  • Hero Masteries (ie points per hero level) are on the same scale as before, so a multiplier of 4.33r should still function.

  • Guild Masteries have a different diminishing returns multiplier which is as of yet unknown (and what I was hoping to find out in my Team Power 2 thread, but there didn’t seem much interest).

  • Card power is still calculated the same (level35+numRarirtyAboveCommon25+(traits^2*50))
    Skill points give 40 points per increase (eg 4 armour from a guild statue gives you 160 team power while active.

The point that needs confirming is whether 5 (and 7) starring a kingdom gives you the extra 40 points for the skill increase or not (it should, and if it doesn’t I believe this should be considered a bug).
Also confirmation on whether mastery bonuses beyond 100 from guild statues increase team power would be good.

Sirrian comment source:

Fully traited team

All kingdoms at level 10, 0 at 5 star.
Hero level 253
Guild statues: 85, 90, 87, 83, 85, 84

Blue statue bonus active giving +160


@Ozball Might want to note in your data that the +4 armor blue statue bonus is currently active.

Here are 3 more from our guild:

Hero level: 1043
All kingdoms at level 10, everything except Silverglade and Blackhawk is at least 5 star.
Guild statues: 85, 90, 87, 83, 85, 84
Active statue bonuses: +4 armor
Team score for 4x fully-traited level 20 team: 8823

Hero level: 186
All kingdoms at level 10, with 3 5-starred
Guild statues: 85, 90, 87, 83, 85, 84
Active statue bonuses: +4 armor
Team score for 4x fully-traited level 20 team: 8083

Hero level: 194
All kingdoms at level 10, with 5 5-starred
Guild statues: 85, 90, 87, 83, 85, 84
Active statue bonuses: +4 armor
Team score for 4x fully-traited level 20 team: 8146


@Mithran, Just to add to your info ; I gained one level (1151 now) and my team score increased one point. I will add any further info to this thread once I gain more points from level ups.


For science, I upgraded Blighted Lands from 6 stars to 7 stars, then won an explore, then won a 3 trophy ranked PvP.
No change to my team score.


Level 1113
All kingdoms level ten, all at 5 stars or more except Blackhawk and Silverglade, which are at 4 stars.

I don’t know if this information will be useful to you, but since I may be the only one who has it (at least recently), I offer it for your consideration:

Was in Match Masters recently and team scores were approximately 9400-9600. Left to help a friend with a brand new guild and my team scores dropped over 1k points to around 8200. Recently joined Carnivores and team scores are up to about 9200.

Those guild bonuses make a huge difference and I’m glad to have them back.


Thank you everyone.

Some more information from my low level account:
At level 91 (same masteries), my full legendary score was 6372. At level 92, it is now 6378. No guild tasks were completed and no kingdoms were leveled in the intervening time, so thats 6 points for each of those two levels.

This is probably the easiest thing to compare. I have a guild member at level 1036 with a 9482 score with the exact same kingdoms. The differences in score due to our guild bonuses would be 520 points, or 8962 points, adjusted down. That leaves 138 points for guild mastery and hero level differences. The level difference should be no more than 1 or 2 points based on the observations above, which leaves still 125 statue levels between us (85 of them being below level 100) to account for 130+ points.

It is looking more and more like this is not the case. The score difference between myself and a guildmate of 76 levels lower is only 16 points, with two less kingdoms five starred and everything else the same (as expected, we are in the same guild). Since we can now be fairly certain that hero levels (even ones that don’t give mastery) increase score even into the thousands by fractions of a point, the difference in our scores from these two five star kingdoms is close enough to zero that it would be functionally zero regardless, when considered every other skill bonus gives forty points. Seven stars I am also equally as certain wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) contribute to team score.

However, I’m still not sure the exact formula on guild mastery bonuses. If it is diminishing returns and not just an absolute cut off, that would have to be some pretty big diminishing returns for nearly 600 mastery points of difference to account for only seven points which also has to be attributed to a 40 level difference.

Low level account tracking so far, full legendary team, so remember to offset +240 total points to account for the 1 level and rarity tier missing from each troop if you are comparing to a full team of mythics.
To recap, guild’s statue levels were 45, 49, 42, 42, 42, 42, and 46, and no guild skill bonuses are unlocked.
Level 90 - 6366
9 kingdoms leveled from 5 to 6, no change
Level 91 - 6372 (+6)
Level 92 - 6378 (+6)
green statue leveled from 42 to 43 - 6379 (+1)
Level 93 - 6385 (+6)
Level 94 - 6390 (+5)
Level 95 - 6396 (+6)
(raised zhul-kari, from 1* to 5* no point change)
Level 96 - 6402 (+6)
Level 97 - 6407 (+5)
Level 98 - 6413 (+5)
Level 99 - 6419 (+6)

Still have more souls to farm before I can five star one of the Magic kingdoms, but I have the requisite troops to easily do it in both Darkstone and Zhul’Kari (and next week, Blighted Lands), so it is only a matter of time before I can at least test that.

Edit: updated with data for the next few levels and 5 star kingdom

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Level 603, kingdom stats +10
6x kimgdom lv10, the rest of kingdoms lv9, kingdoms owned 27
guild statues 105+104+104+103+99+97
active guild stat bonuses +3+4+2

4x mythic traited - team score 8166
1x mythic traited - team score 4341
lv20 traited hero - team score 4316


I just took my low level account Zhul’Kari all the way from one star to five star. Zero score change at all. Restarting the game gave no change at all. Leveling up again gave me six points, as with most the previous levels.

So there it is, for what it is worth, confirmation that five starring your kingdoms and unlocking double skill bonus does not affect team score at all. So I guess the real question now is, is this intentional? That is a total of potentially 1080 score points not being applied (and many, many people have 1000 of that, while many more have 0), which would account for the relative power of your average PvP opponent climbing much faster than it should when first leveling your kingdoms, as your scores and theirs are much closer than they should be. Skill bonues for completing guild tasks had a similar problem and were fixed in the last major patch, so I’m not sure why Kingdom five star bonuses would get a pass here. Similarly, this is going to present an even bigger problem if it remains this way all the way into ten star skill bonuses, whenever that will be.

I’d like an official dev response on this. @Sirrian @Nimhain

Raised level from 1043 to 1044, restarted the app and played another PvP just to be sure, but no change in team score.

Leveled from 1110 to 1111 and no change in my score. Looking like diminishing returns from hero level, especially heavily after level 1000 to a fraction of a point. Low level account is continuing to get 5 or 6 points per level.

Just to confirm, do you get mastery points each level after 1000?

None at all. @Ozball

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