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Team Score Question

How is the team score calculated? I’m referring to the number that shows up next to the gauntlet or fist. Previously, I thought it was based on the rarity of the troops and the traits unlocked. But there seems to be something more than that. In Explore mode, when using the same team (Jarl Firemantle, Infernal King, Crimson Bat, Mercy), sometimes it says 7,973, others it says 8,308. In each case, Crimson Bat is Legendary, while the other 3 are Mythic, and each have all traits unlocked. I would have thought I’d get the same number in each case. Thoughts?

Kingdom Bonuses also apply, and I believe so does Hero level

There is a thread on how team score is calculated, i will grab it for you.

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Thanks for posting that thread.

There must be some other factor than what’s listed in that thread, since with none of those items changing, I’m still getting either a 7973 or a 8308 in the game.

I’m using the same troops at the same levels with the same traits unlocked. Also, my masteries, hero bonuses and kingdom bonuses are the same, too.

I suppose it’s possible someone in our guild is upping a mastery while I’m playing, but that wouldn’t explain this number moving up and down.

Not a big deal, but very strange.