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Hi, I have a question about the strength of my team. I joined a strong guild that completes all basic tasks (which my old one didn’t). I entered it 144 days ago, and my team’s strength was close to 12.00p of power, since then, I reached level 1,110 and put all kingdoms at least at level 10 and power 5, but since then my team’s strength has barely increased, even with all the tasks completed, the pass event completed and the bonuses of the new pets. This week I stopped to add the bonuses given by them, but the account does not close.
I used King Heliodorus to Make the comparison.
His basic stats:
39⚔️ 52🛡️ 29🔮 60❤️
With the bonuses:
67⚔️ 105🛡️ 38🔮 103❤️
How much should you have, as shown in the bonuses tab:
87⚔️ 141🛡️ 54🔮 133❤️

The team he is on is Nexus, with 3 purple, 3 brown and 2 red troops, and all 4 are elementals. The feeling I have is that some bonus is not being properly added to my team’s strengths . I already uninstalled the game and installed it again thinking it would solve the problem, but nothing changed.
I would also like to point out that I don’t speak English, if there are any spelling mistakes it was because of the Google translator, thank you in advance for your attention
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Go to the troop you have concerns about, and select the middle button (“Upgrade” for me)

then go to the far-right tab (“Skills” for me)

That will show you all of their “base” stats, and the sources of those bonuses, some of which will be repeated on the “Bonuses” screen of the team

you can see these are all repeated above, but then the rest are “team -dependent” and finally medals and artifact
looks like it all adds up correctly to me

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These bonuses are already added to the troop base stats and combined you can see the results here:


All other bonuses (pets, medals and artifact) are added later to your team composition and the results can be seen here:


Those bonuses from pets, medals and artifact are also shown here:


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Seeing the images you sent me, I understood. I was taking the card’s basic stats and adding up all the bonuses that show in the pet Aldo’s tab “Bonificaciones de grêmio” For me, I play in Spanish. 9u i was adding the bonuses 2x, thank you very much for the help, so basically 13,000 is the maximum strength I can have at the moment, to have more than that just Increasing the level of the realms to 15 and then 20. And the power to 10. That is, it will take a lot longer

Just one more question, is there any known big for the “Magnus” troop? I’ve already won him 4x, but he’s not on my card list, just like the mascot gnome, captain McGraznido, ankhum, Flaming Jarl, and the tarot cards: El mago, El loco, El carrocarro. I’ve already won all these troops, but currently they appear as if I didn’t have any copies of them, they just disappeared from the my inventory.

Your stats gonna increase, I guess it was by +40, for each statbonus you receive i.e. due kingdom power and renown every 4k.

Check the filters in your settings. Specially those I have marked in the image.

Be aware that the marked part in the 2nd image can be scrolled up and down.
And maybe you saved some “false” filters earlier with the button in the upper right corner.

this is very helpful even though I was told when I first joined the game that I should’nt worry about the team score basically the team score doesn’t really mean anything its how well you can upgrade your troops. Ty @apoc the orginal owner of arcanum 8 I still remember your advice given to me.

I don’t remember which symbol appears, but you know when you open a chest and give me a troop that you don’t have yet, there’s a highlight on it, right? With Magnus this has happened a few times and it appears as if I didn’t have him in my troops, just like the others who just disappeared.
I put the filter to show all cards and in alphabetical order, as you can see it appears as if I hadn’t acquired it yet

If you get a complete new troop it will be at the top of your chest loot (if there are more new troops/loot it will be at the top too in alphabetical order)

If you already found at least one magnus (don’t mix him up with other troops that start with magus or magi) then you should contact support.

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