Teams with 11000+ Strength

Before last week I did not see a single team with strength over 11000 yet since the latest update loads seem to have appeared out of nowhere.
I’m currently at level 1164 and with a team fully leveled up, fully ascended and fully traited my maximum team strength is 10068 yet I’m seeing players who haven’t reached level 1000 with team strengths over 11500+ and I’m a little confused how that is possible, is there something specific that needs doing to increase my strength, I tried adding a pet and it didn’t make a difference.


Curious on this myself

What was the team or teams you’ve been seeing that are over 11k? I’ll put one together and see what I tally too at level 1400

My defence is 11,000+ but when I view it in my collection it is still 10,000+ so I don’t know what is happening with team score at the moment.

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Scores calcs for defense teams were changed to now include five star kingdom completion (a 1320 point difference from pre-patch if all kingdoms are five star or above) and finally include all things that should modify team score. Invade teams still don’t consider completed guild tasks for score bonus (a 980 point divergence from when the same team is viewed on defense if all tasks are completed).

The score correction is also one reason why gold payouts in PvP got a bump when the patch hit.


@Mithran thanks for the info. I was wondering why my gold seems to have gone up 1 to 200 gold per 3T match in Ranked PvP this explains it :slight_smile: