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Ratings (how can a team like this be 1600 rating)

Could someone explain me how its possible that a guy with a team like this has a 1600 rating… very odd.

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The Hero reportedly messes up the calculation. Given the troops in the lineup, I can’t guess what their starting skills were, and thus level or kingdom power bonuses, but they’re obviously not fully traited, which also plays a significant part in the calculation.

It shouldn’t make that much of a difference. When I have a single untraited, unleveled Mythic Zombie on a team, the rating is around 2,750. A full team with legendaries and traits is nowhere near that.

my rating in this ss in 4300…says enough.

another example…even wil all lvl1 chars its not possible to have 1046 rating.

Just checked all chars are max level.

What level was the opponent? I’m almost to 400, with all Kingdoms at 10, and I put together the following.

All level 1, none ascended, no traits:

Terraxis / Wild Fang / Dwarven Slayer / Northrender

Rating - 3208

Ratings below 2000 would be exceedingly hard to get I would think.

Even better way to look at it:

My level 1 /no traits /not ascended Northrender is worth 2903 all by himself.

well there is something very odd with the ratings…most low rating have at least 3 legendary in the team. I didn’t notice this before…i think something went wrong with last update.

Your kingdom bonuses also contribute a lot.

I’ve been getting kingdoms to 5 star for the double stat bonus and i noticed that it doesn’t increase my team score at all. The only way to increase my team’s score seems to be from leveling my hero and getting my masteries higher. Is this intended?

It’s possible that the double bonus isn’t increasing your score.

From the testing we did a while back, getting a kingdom to five stars does not increase your team score. Only (1) troop rarities, (2) troop levels, (3) traits, (4) masteries from hero/guild/class, and (5) kingdoms at level 10.

Of course, a developer could confirm how the team score is calculated. Do we have any of those around?

no further response from developers :frowning: