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Here's one of those teams - I just can't explain

In PvP


Says it’s team points are 733

However here’s the cards

bry687 - Level 65 (15 attack, 18 shield, 25 heart, has a class + Frost Reaver)

Lady Sapphira Level 12 (7 attack, 6 shield, 13 heart)

Glade Warden Level 16 (9 attack, 4 shield, 12 heart)

Boar Rider Level 16 (10 attack, 6 shield, 16 heart)

I took the my version of these troops and their levels (6, 4, 2) without my hero and I end up with 1356 and these are not even close to this person’s level. So how is this even possible???


How much higher level are you than them?

Their rank 23, 550
My Rank 21,997

My team in PvP 3751
Archon Statue Level 16 (8 attack, 11 shield, 14 heart)

Centaur Scout Level 16 (7 attack, 6 shield, 15 heart)

Me Level 70 (7 attack, 13 shield, 18 heart + Dagger of the void) - 5 levels above his player

Gargon Level 17 (10 attack, 13 shield, 11 heart)

Trust me when I say this doesn’t add up

I created a team just now to see what the points would be with the same troops that I own at their current much lower levels without my player = 1356

Lady Sapphira Level 6 (6 attack, 3 shield, 9 heart)

Glade Warden Level 4 (6 attack, 2 shield, 6 heart)

Boar Rider Level 2 (3 attack, 2 shield, 5 heart)

With my player 1781

So - No 5 level difference is not going to be 733.

There is no way to explain this at all.

There is currently a glitch with the rating system when using hero. Using a hero on a team in many cases counts for less point than a common.

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Also when getting a kingdom to level 10 it adds 40 to your team score, so this might explain some of the discrepancy.

I haven’t gotten any of my kingdoms to level 10. The highest I have is level 5

He had a class btw - so he had to have finished a quest

And here’s another that really doesn’t make sense

bdub member of Dragon of the Dusk -284d
Kingdoms owned 16
Unique troops 7
Total troops 7

PvP 1638 (51 wins, 2 losses/ 6 wins /17 losses defending) (They are in my battle log) and currently in my normal challenge slot

Troop Team total 796
Rank 23963
Famine Level 20, [16 attack, 34 armor, 19 life,7 magic]
Behemoth Level 19 [13 attack, 19 armor, 23 life, 5 magic]
Lady Sapphira Level 18 [12 attack, 9 armor, 22 life, 8 magic]
Orion Level 19 [attack 15, 20 armor, 20 life, 15 magic]

There is no HERO in this team.

I’m trying to build a little program to calculate points but - these folks keep throwing a monkey wrench in the figuring out what it should be,

I couldn’t find other than the great break out for bonuses what troops would tally up to.

Tacet - You know I would not care much about this, but when you’re still just trying to win on the first choice in PvP and these clowns keep coming up, it gets OLD - glitch my ***

There isn’t a day goes by that there is some team that clearly is miscalculated.

Here’s the one right now that I have been presented to fight.

  • 1394
    Death - level 20th - (1 trait activated)
    Creeping Death - Hero - 109th (And in a guild)
    Valkyrie - 18th (Epic) (All three traits activated)
    Behemoth - 19th (Legendary) (1 trait activated)
    Rank 4842

This isn’t a glitch - this is clearly somehow there is a way to cheat.

Every day now I see 4 or 5 of these teams – all different legendary and mythic level creatures at some high level, but with a low team total

I just wish there was some better answer than ‘it’s a glitch’.

Has anyone from support taken a look at some of these teams and see if they can figure out why the calculation is so low, which puts them in the easy slot?

Heck my Black Beast at 6th level all by himself in a team is 1377 points

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Callout threads are against the forum rules. Either remove identifying features from your posts, or remove the posts entirely and PM one of the devs directly (@Nimhain or @Sirrian are your best bets).

Thanks Lyya. Removed the teams’ name - if that is what it means for ‘callout’.