Krudler answers Kwestions

Hey fellow Krystarians, my last hodge-podge of random answers here went over well (A whole lot of nope for new players) so I figured why not double-down on that success?

So any questions you want to fire out there, go ahead and I’ll do another quick vid. If nobody gives a Golem’s stony backside, no worries :laughing:

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Using any available troop in the game, what are your top 3 current PvP teams, factoring in speed of matches, win percentage, and lack of teams/troops you need to avoid on the PvP screen?

and the same question with no legendaries/mythics

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Any GOW question?

As long as it is within my ability to answer it, yes, any GoW question :slight_smile:

id toss a non-team building question about actual in game mechanics (pvp match making) but this one only devs can answer :confounded:

Awesome - I really do hope you can help here.

If I had known this would happen I would have done something very different with my Hero

We’re having a discussion here

And none of us know why Hero at Mythic level is 25 points less than other Mythics.

The dev are extremely busy with the server migration (and understandably that needs to be their priority) but we’re hoping to understand this. And let others know so those who invest in the Hero understand what they are investing in…and the downside of it.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I can’t answer that question. Only a developer would know the underlying mechanism that calculates the number.

But out of curiosity, what is it that you think you should have done differently??

Thank you very much for responding

What I would have done differently - I wouldn’t invested in most of the classes then. Only 4 classes.

But the number the game shows you for “team power” doesn’t have anything to do with anything really… It doesn’t necessarily mean a team is good/bad/whatever

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What troops do you personally think are most overrated/underrated?

What’s a good defense team for generating gems?

did you find info about hero stats? is the lv500 adding last stat point hero gets? wasnt there one more at lv1000? i think that might be the case?

i wanted to reply that topic after i dig info about hero statas but in the end forgot to dig that info

The power level of your defense team does seem to affect the teams that you’re given for PvP. I don’t know the exact formula but you can experiment with it pretty easy. At the start of the week, put a low powered team in Defend (and make sure they stay there since the Defend team switching bug still exists) and be amazed as the power level of the teams appearing in your PvP go way down and the amount of gold you can win goes down as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but I’m talking in the context of the parent poster’s concern that a maxed-out Hero vs. a maxed-out Mythic shows a points differential of 25. So just for that area I’m saying don’t worry :slight_smile:

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Wow… .you really want me to sell the farm hey!? :laughing:

Well for now I can tell you that two of them are already revealed in my channel (“Green Demon” & “Entangling Bones”) [[edit: My brother Zarashel won 136 in a row 3-Trophy PvP fights using “Entangling Bones” I kid you not]]

The 3rd team, and what I would consider to be the fastest, most versatile, and utterly dominating board-control team (yes, a bold claim but not one I make lightly!!). You’ll have to wait for a separate video for that one hehehehehe :imp:


You tease.