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Matchmaking weirdness - power levels

So, I saw something odd.

The power level for my opponent is very low. All those troops are fully traited, level 20 mythic.

When I make the exact same team it’s part level is 7301. I have 0 traits on emperina and 1 on the slime.

Is this done kind of weird bug in the system? Does this have to do with whatever changes they made to make more matchmaking variety?

Am I missing something about how this team power is accomplished?

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Every team I have has the exact same power rating, 8493. With one exception, all troop are mythic and fully traited. This makes me think that maybe it has less to do with traits and levels and more with kingdom levels. All my kingdoms are level ten and all but four are 5 star.

Maybe 8493 is the max. I’m also 8493, all kingdoms10, all but 7 kingdoms 5-starred.

If I try to build the above team, my troops are legendary, not mythic, all level 19 except Emperina, 18, and I only have the first trait on Green Slime. With only one Kingdom at power level 5 (Karakoth) and all level 10. I end up with 6169 points

From what I see in the screen shot, the guy should have at least one or two kingdoms power level 5 (in health / attack).

Bottom line is that it must be a bug. As for the source of the bug… I’d say the guy might have been in the process of changing his defence deck, so, maybe, the power level refreshed but the troops didn’t, or maybe it’s the other way around. I dunno.

Ive also noticed teams with heroes on defense (20, mythics) to have power levels of ~7500. Has anyone figured out what that’s all about?

It feels like hero is undervalued by the system indeed. A lvl 20 hero class with all traits unlocked isn’t viewed better than a lvl 20 common ascended to mythic. #feelsBadMan

Hax on power lvl :confused:

I tried this team in the team editor, shows 6498. With all troops mon-mythic ald last 2 at lvl16, only 3+1 traits instead of 3+3+3. My kingdoms are all lev10, no 5*, the dragon shows 33/26/16 (less by 3 all).

So it’s definitely miscalculated.

Seems like the case- but when I make the same teams myself, I have values in the 8000-8500’s. This is after accounting for level 10 kingdoms and 5 star kingdoms of course! Strange times indeed.