Matchmaker woes


Since I hit level 200, I’ve developed a serious hatred for the matchmaker. I personally feel it should offer me opponents who usually fall in a range that’s +/- 10 to 20% of my level (ie, from 160-240 or so). Instead:

–I never see anyone lower level than me
–Most opponents are level 600 to 1000 (I’m REALLY tired of seeing 1000’s like Mr. Sammy)
–A very few are less than 300 (but still over 250)

This is ridiculous, and I’m spending a small fortune at 10 gold a pop looking for matches I have a prayer of winning.


I don’t have the level discrepancy problem, but I do find on every day other than Monday that I only have the choice of the same 10ish people to battle.


Is matches at normal difficulty also starting to be a pain now when you are at L200?


Yeah it seems like the level 200 mark is when the matchmaker gets a bit wonky, that’s when I started to get level 500+ on a regular basis. Conversely now that I’m in the 300s it’s giving me mostly players in the 200s.


How many level 10 kingdoms did you had when u came to Level 200?


Well I think I hit 200 before kingdom leveling hit so it would have been zero :wink: That said, my goal was to level at least one kingdom per week and I was to finish the project about a week ago. Not sure when 1.07 dropped (end of Oct?) but I definitely completed ahead of schedule. Does take a lot of patience and the guild I was in at the time didn’t see a lot of gold from me during the interim.


Well done! I take off my hat for that! :slightly_smiling:


I also noticed that. It seems that Level 10 Kingdoms give you stronger opponents in PvP, which is the reason why I don’t level them up to 10, only to 9, except the Magic Kingdoms, because they make farming a little easier.