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Serious glitch in strength scores

At least three times in playing 40 games I saw strength scores that were way out of whack. I didn’t get any screen shots, but this has been happening too many times but these are the worst situations.

The line ups featured 4 mythic troops, fully leveled supported by someone with level 10 kingdoms and many likely most 5 star powered kingdoms. I could tell because they had way more armor and health than my troops and my kingdoms are fully level 10, but few are 5 star power. The troops had all traits active. Strength scores were in the 3,000-3,500 range and showed up on my ‘weak’ or ‘middle’ game. The strength scores should have been 8500+.

Each time it happened these line ups were in fact stranger than what was offered as my difficult game.

As much as I’ve seen it happen, please tell me I’m alone in seeing it?

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Please try to get screenshots. I don’t recall seeing anything like that.

I keep seeing this too, but in a lower level for me. I posted a couple of times now asking for someone to explain how this is possible.

Especially when it’s like 794 or 1029… and there are troops by themselves in that team that add up more than that alone.

I’ve also filed a ticket for a couple specific instances where I won the match, but it was recorded as a Defeat for me (and presumably a Win for them). I had assumed it was a server glitch of some kind. But if hacking’s involved that may not be the case.

I’m surprised I didn’t see anything really out of line tonight. Hope that will continue.

had 3 battles with op minions today. power score around ~4k.
2 battles enemy had jarl firemane with 40 hp 30armor and >20 atack
other had around ~40 hp too