Team scores differ - "for me" and "for others"

I’ve just looked at my own defense team as if I was another player: through the guild I opened own profile and clicked “Fight” (or just open own profile in the top left corner over the world map and click “Fight”). I saw my defense team, but with another team score! 9065 - instead of 10045 I see when I open “Defenders” tab. For other teams there were other numbers: 9005 and 10105, for example. I’m curious now, what are these scores and why they are calculated differently? (Not sure it’s a bug, so I didn’t put this topic into “Reports”.)

They have different star levels for kingdoms so not exactly the same strength

Do you want to say that kingdom bonuses I see for troops (“Troops” - “Bonuses” tab) are wrong? And that some other bonuses are applied while in defense?

You said you see your same team… there’s no saying the teams stats are identical.
A rank 10 could have your same cards… doesn’t make said cards the same strength.

Why that? Why have 2 different formulas instead of one?

What are you not understanding??
You at rank 1k with kingdoms giving basically +30 across the board and a level 10 getting MAYBE +1 to ONE stat …
Your two "identical teams are NOT going to be the same strength, despite being “the same cards”

You can have the same team as a guild member, but if one of you has all your kingdoms levelled up with full stars (& now pet bonus too) then they will have different power scores which is what the number at the top is.

I understand nothing of your writings. And I think it’s your problem that you cannot write clearly.

I am that guild member, I have the same bonuses from kingdoms and pets. Why I see different numbers for all identical configurations?

It could be down to something as simple as one of your cards not being mythic while theirs is etc. The things that affect the score are quite wide ranging, off the top of my head there’s:
Player level
Troop ascension & level
Kingdom levels
Kingdom stars
Pet ascension & level
If any one of those is different then the scores will be too

This is what Nulings is talking about:
Let’s say I set this team as defense. In my troop menu and on the PVP defense screen, this is the team score: 10,257.

However, if you click to fight me from my profile, you see a different team score: 9,917

This has been the case for a long time. I haven’t seen a dev state why this is the case.


Iirc your profile team doesn’t benefit from guild statues as it’s primarily used for testing? Which is also why you don’t get any rewards for beating it…

Exactly so, yes, thank you. I could not find this problem using forum search though.


Threads have come up about it now and then. An official answer has never been given as far as I know.


An interesting thought. But if only guild statues affected this difference, then it should be identical for all cases, shouldn’t it? But differences between scores are not equal. As I mentioned above, for one team it’s 10045 - 9065 = 980, while for another team it’s 10105 - 9005 = 1100.

Not all the guild statues are equal power though are they? I know ours differ…

Because if our defense teams had higher team scores we’d be getting more gold in pvp…“rolls eyes at devs”

That’s not an answer to my question. Why there are 2 formulas for 1 thing?

When you view a team anywhere but defense, you get the “Unity” score calc, which gives score for 5 star kingdoms but not completed guild tasks. When you view them on defense, they use the old Adobe (presumably legacy server-side) score calcs, which gives score for completed guild tasks but not five star kingdoms.

I explained what is happening in greater detail elsewhere a couple times. To my knowledge, there has never been an official response as to why there are still two different scores calcs (at this point, it is assumed to be a bug or at least a holdover from legacy code), and it is still unknown if gold calcs and PvP points compare your Unity Global Score Bonus with the Adobe team scores or not.


Fixing it would be of benefit to players so don’t hold your breath on a fix. If it was the other way around with higher defense and lower attack scores…fixed tomorrow.