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New strength rating

Can we please have a new method of calculating a team’s strength rating that’s more reflective of a team’s strength. I am so sick of choosing opponents who I assume are an equal match, only to walk into the battle and see they all have 50 life or 20 attack, and I’m totally outclassed.

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there’s an easy solution, pay the 50 gold to view the lineup.

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Tried that and it’s not accurate. It doesn’t show you any team or banner bonuses.

@redtiger7, When you scout a team click on any troop in the AI’s line-up and then click on the center pic (main card pic). It will list the team bonuses to the left, if there is any.

It does seem like Guild Statue/Task Bonuses aren’t being calculated in.

There are a few things that could make team score more accurate to player experience, though, which would be dead-easy to incorporate:

(1) Increase the score for getting a kingdom to five stars
(2) Increase the score for having a guild skill bonus active
(3) Increase the score for any type or kingdom bonuses present

As it currently stands, a player could quite easily have bonuses of +22 armor, +22 life, +9 attack, and +6 magic – and have the same team score as someone without all that! (4 Goblin/4 Zaejin team bonuses here; others possible.) (Also, I got lazy and assumed that the kingdoms break down as 9L/9Ar/3At/4M. That may be wrong.)