Confusing task wording

this isn’t too important, but I’m a fairly new player (level 133), and one of my current tasks has me a bit confused.

task #4: “broaden your mastery levels according to the troops you like to train & use in your armies.”

I’ve tried adding new types/races of troops to my most used teams, didn’t work.
I’ve tried upping my masteries in all of the mana colors, didn’t work.

so I’m missing something, but don’t know what. I’d appreciate knowing what this task means, as it will increase my knowledge of the game, which will definitely help in the future!

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If possible provide a screenshot of the task. But it seems related to increasing your mana mastery when you level up.

If you click on the “More Info…” button, it will tell you the exact requirements needed to clear this tutorial task. I remember there being one with this wording requiring 10 to all masteries, and one requiring 25 to all masteries… or maybe it was the one that wants you to get 10 in any mastery, or 25 in any mastery (all from leveling, kingdom and guild bonuses don’t count). Either way, all of the “gain mastery” tutorial tasks should be cleared by the time you hit 25 in every mastery from leveling.

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as you can see from the screen shot, this is what I got from tapping “more info”. I do like the idea of just upping all masteries until something happens. Can’t hurt!

Maybe you have to add 1 point to a color your team use when you level up ? Give it a try and see if the status change…

Never had this quest…

What does the side tab say before you hit “more info”? There are others that use this exact same wording on the “more info” screen, but the side tab tells you what you need to do to clear it. I remembered it being the other way around, but I guess “more info” in this case means “less info”.

Went back in my stream archive to check, and this was one of them that fit that criteria:

well, seriously duh! I’m so used to going directly to the More Info tab that I totally missed this. Thank you!!


Thought this thread would be about the inconsistent verbiage in daily tasks.

You ever figure this 1 out?

According to the above screenshot, you need to “have mastery level 25 in one mana type”

You have to get each of your gem mastery levels to 25 without bonuses counting towards the masteries, such as kingdom bonuses.