Clarification of a daily task

I have a task that say:

Broaden your mastery levels according to the troops you like to train and use in your armies

What am I supposed to do exactly to fulfill this task. It does not make sense to me. Please help. It has been on the task list for almost a week. I wish I could swap it out but does not give me that choice.

Hi, @oninowon , here is a thread discussing that daily task.

Broaden Mastery Level

It appears you have to get each of your gem mastery levels to 25 without added bonuses counting towards the masteries, such as kingdom bonuses.

… that’s not something one can just go achieve in a day, what the hell …

Thnx Kris for the link! That daily has been driving me crazy for several days now.

I believe that’s one of the last starter tasks. It is not a daily.