New to Game....need help!

In the Daily Task It says:

Spend Gold to improve a Kingdom’s level. This increases mastery and tribute chance.

I just upgraded the Kingdom of Whitehelm from level 3 to level 4, but my daily task amount did NOT change at all!

Any clue why this is??

does it specify how many levels you need to upgrade?

You need to spend the amount of gold needed or level the kingdom up to the exact level it says.

it doesn’t say anything about a specific level.

Spend Gold to improve a Kingdom’s level. This increases mastery and tribute chance.

no, hence the confusion on why my upgrades do not give me rewards

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I don’t know how to do that, but either way. I copied the task word for word in my original post.

Click on More info
Does it have a number on the right side like this?

When you open the daily task menu there is a “More Info” option.

In this menu it will flash between the reward and quantity you need to complete the task.

You can check the remaining amount of gold you need to contribute to complete the task.

P.S. I must’ve replied to Ryan by mistake but this was for @ElmerFudd14. Sorry!

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I think I figured out my mistake…I am only reading the quest AFTER I open up the tab…not before. Before I open the tab it says level a kingdom to level 10 !! UGH !! and then after I open the tab it says “Spend Gold to improve a Kingdom’s level”. The cost to get to level 10 is huge. A 20,000 gold rewards is peanuts compared to the cost. Lame

Thanks everyone for helping a new player like me.


To become more powerful in the game. You have to level all your kingdoms to 10. The task is meant as a tutorial task to help you learn these things. 20k may not seem like much, but it’s just an added bonus. Where as I came before these tutorial tasks and got absolutely nothing for getting all my kingdoms to 10. :grinning:
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