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Kingdom questions

I’ve only been playing a few weeks, and I have a couple of questions about kingdoms.

What is the benefit of choosing one kingdom over another as your home kingdom?

Should I be spending my gold to level up all kingdoms to level 10, or is there a better thing to do with my gold?

There’s a little circular symbol that appears to have a downward-pointing white bird inside it next to some of my kingdoms. What does that mean?

Thanks very much!

Yeah level up your kingdom is very important cause you get tribute every hour and the higher is your kingdom the better the tribute are, also when you hit level 10 you will unlock a bonus (health,armor,magic) for all your troops so this is a nice way to make your troops stronger

when you start the game the most important ressources are glory and gold, glory help you to buy glory bundle every week and gold help you to upgrade your kingdoms

Many pick Whitehelm because it gives more glory tribute. You can see what tribute is offered for each kingdom on the kingdom screen. Once there, click “tribute”. You get double tribute from the home kingdom.

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