Daily Tasks That I Cant Complete - Help Please!

I am stuck on two very old daily tasks and would like to finish them.

One task is…Win 10 battles using unique troops from the same kingdom. I have tried many times with different troops and have still not fiqured out the right combination.

Second task is…Have mastery level 10 in all mana types. Is there a place to check on the mana types? Is it the colors that we can put money on and build up?

These two are so old and I am missing out on tasks I could do when they change.

Any help is very much appreciated!

What level are you?
You may try with Dragon Claw or Whitehelm, thay have powerful troops with good synergy.
Mastery level 10: each time you rise a level you can choose what mastery gain a level on. So you should get all mastery to level 10 once you are level 60 or so.

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oh my gosh I am on level 122…wow do I feel dumb. :frowning: :blush:

thank you very much I will try Dragon Claw or Whitehelm.

is there a place where I can check and see where I am at with the gains in levels? I only need one more level up but have no clue which one it is.

what level are you on?

Go to the Hero tab, followed by Overview. Here you can see the mana surge chance for each color, with the mastery listed below that value. The last value in gray scrolls through the various ways that you can increase your mastery (from kingdoms, guild, hero class, and hero level). You will be looking for the “Hero +X” text on each color. Whichever one isn’t at least 10, means that’s the one you are missing.

Side note: It’s generally good to level those up all close in value. Towards the higher end, you get way less mana surge chance per point, so it’s better to have all stats fairly even.

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1011, I had to check.

Zippity’s advice is very good, I second it in full. Don’t favour the colors of the troops you are using at the moment, to level mana later is much more time consuming.

Are you already in a guild? It will do marvels for advancement and it’s the first place where finding info and advice. I made pretty costly errors in my troop management I could have done without if I had asked.


hi Zippity :smile:

it is my yellow hero +7 also my green guild is only +9 so should that one be at least 10 also? class is +0 so I must have missed something along the way or it isnt time to do anything with that yet.

have all the kingdom quests completed but have a lot of challenges to finish up.

nice to meet you and thanks so much
for the help :slight_smile:

There’s some confusion here. Class doesn’t advance unless you don’t fork out Souls for that. Green statue (from your guild?) will influence your Life stats, nothing to do with general mastery of colors.

Hi Courtaud! :smile:

I am addicted to this game and happy to see your high level. Was worried that there wasnt going to be much left to do after all the kingdoms were finished.

Both you and Zippity have given me a lot of help and I thank you both again. I think there might be quite a bit I need to learn yet and will be more cautious when looking around.

I am in a guild but dont remember their name. There is a chat box that pops up once in awhile but no one has said anything in months. :frowning:

  1. Welcome to the forums.
  2. You need to join a new Guild today! (based on your comments)

Then you need to select yellow 3 more times upon leveling up to get the task done. Your green guild statue of +9 isn’t needed for the task to be completed. You get 1 mana mastery point per guild statue level.

Class is from your selected hero class. If you’ve done all the questlines then you probably have all the classes unlocked. By leveling them up (with souls), you can add another 20 points in 1 color. Decent for early game, but you have to spend your souls which are hard to come by. Late game, the 20 points doesn’t make a difference.

What Strat says. Leave your guild (it looks already gone anyway) and go to the market for a new one. You might ask on General Chat - or even here on the forum, browse around, there are many guilds looking for members - or try one of the Guilds the game offers to you. Looks for one that’s almost full, check for requirements (minimum gold-trophies ecc, Guild Wars yes or not). It will make an huge difference.

You might also want to set one or two teams for fast gathering souls and stones by exploring your Kingdoms. Guild will requilre trophies and this means fighting PVP or Arena battles.

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ok yep I am confused :frowning:

first I will level the yellow +7 by using a yellow weapon?

the class +0 I need to buy with souls to level to 10?

yes the green +9 slides by where Zippity told me to look for my hero + and level to 10.

I think I messed my game up badly :frowning:

thank you Strat I was wandering about that to. no sense on being in a guild with no chatting and helping each other.

are any of you accepting new members?

cool going to head over and take a look at what is available. the first time I just jumped into a guild so wont do that this time. :wink:

Nothing that cannot be mended.

You level your yellow mastery when you rise a level. You are presented with a screen where on the left are all your six masteries - with their level - and in the middle of the screen TWO card with two of the six colors. This means that for this time you can only master one of those two masteries. If one of the two cards is Yellow then ckick on it and you are done. If not, you’ll have to retry next level. You’ll be unlucky indeed if this takes more than 3 levels to comply.

The longer task you’ll face will be then to level your Kingdoms.

On the map every kingdom has a crest. On the crest there are stars and below a number.
By using gold you can level a Kingdom from 1 to 10, influencing masteries in the battles - Your mastery number stay the same and that’s what you are leveling now.
Once a Kingdom reach level 10 by what you will find be a lot of gold for what you gain at the moment, you will have a fixed bonus. According to the Kingdom it will affect Armour, Life, Attack or Magic. It’s usually a good idea to level Magic Kingdoms first.
By getting troops from that Kingdom, leveling them, adding traits to them and ascending them by sacrificing copies, you add stars to your Kingdom.
An active guild will give you, in exchange for your gold: souls, keys for all kind of chests and diamonds for the Soulforge. Other bonus will come from fighting in Guild Wars.
Good Guilds are usually lenient toward new members leveling their Kingdoms.

For exemple, my Guild has a rather low requirements of 100.000 gold, 50 trophies, 500 seals, but GW mandatory. Other Guilds might have a completely different approach. We accept new members :slight_smile: Active Players, rank 178.

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ahhh got ya on the class! yes I do have all of them except one grey box that I cant access yet. I am a warlord level 15. my deathknight is level 8 and necromancer is level 6 so I could work with those also if I needed to change.

oh my gosh thank you for all your help! you all have been so nice helping me get out of this mess I made!!

when I reach 178 I will give you a shout! :wink:

He’s saying that his guild is the 178th ranked guild, with amount of trophies earned being what ranks all guilds. You personally don’t need to be level 178 to join. You just need to make sure you can meet their minimum donation requirements of 100k gold, 50 trophies, and 500 seals.

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