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Daily Task Data

Just curious about everyone daily Tasks. I am most interested if anyone has train a troop to 10, 15, or 20?

From the Revenge menu, successfully counter-attack 5 times. Need to do this 3x (NOT 5). Reward: 200/300 Souls I can’t tell anymore.

5 Gems Tasks
Win battles using 3 unique troops
-who all use red mana
-from Khetar in your army.
-from Pridelands in your army.

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Ok, so with two dozen or so people looking at this, I assume the 2 “good” troop level Daily tasks have been removed. Makes sense… can’t just give away 500 or 1,500 souls.

It could very well be there… for low ranked people.

Defeat a troop with you hero’s weapon 8 times. Reward +3,000 Gold

Bottom Tasks:
3 Monsters +5 Gems
3 Brown mana +5 Gems
75 battles of any type +10 Gems

75battles for 10 gems? Lmfao.

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Mine were:

Win 20 Invasions (actually ended up only needing 10 to complete) for 3 Glory Keys
Win 20 Battles with 3 troops from Khetar for 5 Gems
Use 30 Glory Keys for 10 Gems
Win 20 Battles with 3 troops who use purple mana for 5 Gems

I’d be curious if anybody has a task to forge a trait. I’ve been holding back on mass forging for a while now, but probably wouldn’t hold back any longer if I knew for certain there was no extra incentive for me to do so.

Edit: Misinformation removed. Didn’t see new update yet.

Thanks for adding your info, that is one of the other reasons why I’m collecting this, so players can plan their resources. I have all my under leveled troops at 9 and 14, I might not need to?, Odds are those 10 &15 tasks are gone.

No problem, I’m curious to see what other people are getting as well.

Just so I’m clear, did you receive this task today, after the update? I definitely used to get it, but haven’t for a while when my second task became locked/undoable.

Yes its only a few Gems. But in many ways not bad, as I can use the ALMIGHTY VALKYRIE, with a fast team. I will get done when it gets done.

Considering there are almost no requirements other than win, this reward seems reasonable . (I still like Glory more)

Yeah 50 battles at 100 glory now that’s a task.

Considering the reason they changed the task was because of the 1% who were abusing the system. I’m certainly in the 99% category.

Even still, 75 games is blocking it out for a rather long period for essentially no reward. There is a pointlessness about it…

Regarding the troop level task; I haven’t seen one yet but the original thread on the update did state:
“A” tasks will reset every day, regardless of whether or not they have been completed. These tasks will occasionally include requests which high-level players find impossible, such as “level a kingdom” or “train a troop.”

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Still better than level a kingdom stuck in 2 slots for a month.

Yes we can silver line things but still say it’s not great.

I haven’t received it since the patch. Just noticed the patch was out. Sorry, edited my last post.

In all seriousness: I do like the new Task system as you can combine two Tasks (Pridelands and Red Mana for example). There seems to be a decent variety which is great. It encourages different teams.

I suppose that I understand their theory that evil 1% ers were running the “economy” for the masses with Task rewards.

My issues is solely with the reward for the effort. And/Or the Opportunity Cost of not using Valkyrie to get some of these done.

Way to much effort for the tasks now, imo. 20 wins with monsters and 20 wins with Khetar for 5 gems each.

There is now only one daily task for me. PvP for guild donations. Seems more efficient.

I don’t mind the update, but for me, I won’t be bothering with the 20 wins tasks when I could just do the PvP

No worries. Was just making sure.

Totally agree with you on this. But I do have to say, with my purple and Khetar tasks aligning nicely, combined with the substantially weaker opposing teams in general, my battles are going fast. Obviously, they won’t always align, but it doesn’t seem to be the day-long grind I had anticipated when I first read about the upcoming (and now live) changes to tasks.

True. I think I will enjoy them more at a higher level when I have more resources to build more teams. :slight_smile:

The task system overhaul is a complete mess.

Like everyone says, tasks BCD only rewards diamonds, at an abysmal rate of 20 wins for 5.
Lets say i did 20 pvp fights, i would make 20k to 50k gold, that will suffice to fullfil a guild task which give 10 diamonds to every guild members. That is at max 300 diamonds.

So the math is simple, it absolutely not worth doing any of those tasks.

Adding to the fact that, if you do BCD everyday, you get from 15 to 25-30 diamonds at best, you’ll understand really quickly what is the purpose behind this.
Buy the daily 15, and dont bother with tasks anymore.

I will add this task to the list : do 10 treasure maps, gain 10 diamonds.

Just to end this before i write a book about it,
As it was you beloved contribution to the task system, Mr Strange, prepare to be back to the drawing board because that ain’t doing it. And you can’t say you were not warned seeing the numerous replies in an other topic that it was risky. You did ask us there to wait and see.

We waited, we saw, there is no others words, it’s a shame.


I just thought strange was trollin when he said 10 construct fights a few weeks back. Now I wish he was.

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