Bounty Weekend - Ursky

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New Bounty Troop: Ursky Ursky from Urskaya, is this weekend’s Bounty Captain. Ursky will be available in the Bounty Shop, and will appear in Gold, Glory and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

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If this event isn’t proof that the game is on autopilot, no longer has a budget, and that all money spent in GoW is being diverted to PQ3, I don’t know what will convince the kool-aid drinkers. Every battle is 4x Ogres…

This game clearly been left to bad AI management. If you’re spending money in GoW, hoping any work at all will be put into making it a better game, you’re getting robbed.


I’d say this is an improvement to bounty imo.


In a “get it over with quickly so i can go do something worthwhile with my time and energy” kind of way


Ideas to spread the love this Bounty event received from developer side to other areas:

  • Make Adventure Board contain VIP key fights only.
  • Make Dungeon doors contain boss fights only.
  • Make gold chests contain mythic troops only.

Thank you for going the extra mile, for consistency!


Are you lot even trying any more?


I can’t see them getting that far. They’re alseep at the wheel!


if this game doesnt get some improvement soon im goning to say goodbye… its just for the sake of getting all the things im playing now :expressionless:


This Bounty makes me sad. I always look forward to Bounty time and this was a huge disappointment. I should’ve saved my gems to buy extra in the Summer Event, but I bought into the Bounty before playing. Ogres every time? Really?


You are complaining about the Bounty event being easier to complete than ever? :confused:

Would you rather it was much more difficult? :thinking:


I know how silly that sounds, but it’s boring. I do like figuring out how to make decks better in the challenges.


I would rather it function as it does normally.

Pretty sure the GW players would complain if GW was suddenly nothing but Ogres on defense too.

Any pvp players want to fight only Ogres repeatedly?


When I’m forced to do pvp, I would.

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Your response misses the point entirely.

I have spent a very, very considerable amount of money on the game in the last year and a half, and a disgusting amount of money over the course of 7 years. Things like this are proof of neglect and apathy.

Having recently tried out PQ3, and seeing what IP2 is actually capable of doing when they care to, i see where my money has gone in the last year and a half, and it isn’t Gems of War.

When world events first released, the Devs were open about implementing automation into the game. Troop roles only exist to be variables in the automation. Automated cheat detection and banning has been a disaster. They can’t drop that veil back down, and this 4 Ogre nonsense screams “We don’t care!”

Stop spending money on GoW folks, you aren’t investing in it’s future, and nothing of real substance - no interesting mythics, and no new long term grind to give anyone reason to play more than the bare minimum to keep up - have been added to the game in a long time. It’s just new paint jobs and template troops.

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This is kind of hilarious and kind of sad at the same time. Is the title you get in reward 20 actually “Usky Bounty Title” or does it become an real title once you receive it? :laughing:


It is showing as “‘Usky’ Bounty Title” in my collection.

Thanks. I want it more now…


When i played PQ3 it was hot garbage. What has changed? Are the character models still Playstation 1 quality? Does the animation lag when doing large combos still? Did they add any sort of tutorial or any sort of reason to join a guild or whatver theyre called there? Does the difficulty still spike early in the game? What about the game do you find attractive and could you see yourself playing long term?


I only started playing with the console release, so i have no frame of reference for what it was before. Until last month, the game was in early access, so i can imagine I probably would’ve felt like it was hot garbage at some point in the past; all early access stuff feels that way early on. I do know about a few changes, like follower progress no longer being limited by Evelyn’s level.

Aside from a few buggy moments in the cooperative mode, I’ve not experienced glitches, lag, bugs, etc. As far as graphics go, it is designed to be a mobile game, so I’m not sure what would be expected there. FF7 and Siphon Filter are the PS1 games i remember most, and it isn’t that low of a quality. I doubt you genuinely mean that’s what it looked like, but if you really did, then yes, it’s better than that.

There is a tutorial that is accessible at all times to read. Its my understanding that there used to be something about the elemental damage stuff that’s been removed from the game. I also know that the AP system wasn’t always there, and moves used to be on a timer only (supposedly can use the timer, but i haven’t tried to even find that). If it was ever unintuitive or complicated, i don’t feel that now.The playthrough on the first character was tougher than the subsequent characters, since i had no upgraded gear, but the gear being shared across characters had made the other playthroughs easy, and i never felt frustrated on any.

Don’t know if kingdom defense, kingdom gifts, and bazaar rewards were there when you played, but there are more rewards in a kingdom than not. Not as demanding as gems guilds, but neither were gems guilds early on.

Quite subjective, but i found the story to be well written and more coherent than any story told in gems. I actually cared about the story on the first pass. Seasonal content is good (drip feed is a bit annoying, but that’s always the case with drip feed content). Best thing about the game, imo, is that XBox players get cross play and cross save. I will never get to take gems with me on the go, unless i start over with a mobile account. That has always sucked. I can take pq3 with me.

While the monetization is the usual overpriced nonsense found in any f2p game, spending money is not necessary to make progress. Gems was like that until deeds books. Do i see myself playing it long-term? Yes, but that’s assuming I’ll ever put Starfield down. For now, I’m getting established enough that being a returning player will be less painful later.

Even if the game isn’t AAA quality, the point is that the money being spent in Gems is 505s money to allocate, and it’s clear by the poor maintenance and upkeep of gems that the effort and budget has been going to getting pq3 fully launched. Gems is an afterthought, at best.


Hey thanks for the response. Much appreciated.

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