Bounty Weekend - Ursky

There’s 2 levels of humor with this “Usky Bounty Title”

First, the obvious: … yeah how lazy is that
Second, the less obvious: The troop is called “Ursky”, so… they got the troop’s name wrong in the placeholder title too “Usky”.


Wooly: I assume, Puzzle Quest 3, improved or not, still falls vastly short compared to the original, right?
I feel like the company released one very good game, over 15 years ago at this point, that was pirated to hell and back, then a bunch of mediocre ones, and then they simply stopped caring about quality and went “free”.
Reading your statement up there, that you want infinite “grind”, it seems to me, that the things I look for are quite different from you as well. With each year, the concept of endless games becomes less appealing to me. I’d rather go for those again, that have a story with a conclusion, give you end credits, and then maybe a free roam option at your own leisure. Not the sort, that could be found in many “free” games, usually those only end in the way, that the updates stop suddenly (and they feel more and more unfinished the bigger they get).

P.S.: There’s a story in GOW? I only see a hero, who acts as a pingpong ball that is tossed around by anyone, who picks it up, without any own personality, goals or will (it seems to be slightly improving with the kingdom reborn reworks).