Bounty Weekend - War Wolf

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New Bounty Troop: War Wolf


The War Wolf from Grosh-Nak, is this weekend’s Bounty Captain.

The War Wolf will be available in the Bounty Shop, and will appear in Gold, Glory and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.


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This bounty is a step backwards in terms of design (facing Defenses that troops are buffed this week).
Grosh-Nak can’t go up any stars until their class is released (so the troop is worthless in that aspect.)
And in terms of Difficulty… It’s appalling to be up against troops that can devour (10% chance is an easy 50% for the AI).
I hope others enjoy it more than me. I’m happy to just do Tier 2, use my sigils and save my gems for something that is actually worth my time and resources.


Everything u said is 100% :ok_hand:

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It gets way worse. The level 20 battles has War Goat that rearranges your team and Gorbil that can devour and even worse than that has Spirit Fox that drains you mana and does 24 true damage plus it has stealthy so you can’t even get rid of it quickly and if that’s not bad enough it only cost 9 mana and removes gems from the board so the ai can spam the thing. It’s not like I can even stun or silence the fox as this event punishes you for not using 4x mythic bounty troops. I really wish I knew this crap was the level 20 team so I could just ignore this entire event but stupid me thought the devs cared enough to make this event enjoyable so I got tier vi immediately so I could finish this event tonight. I am 2 minor ascension orbs away from Zuul’Goth if I get just the 2 minors or a major I will be ok but if I get nothing but crap for all the time I am going to spend on this unejoyable event I will be pissed.

Seriously who the hell thought this level 20 team would be fun to fight? last bounty event took 80 - 90 seconds per fight but these are taking 4+ minutes. This is going to take hours to finish.


Since you bought tier 6, use hero to speed up your battles

If they wanted to make Bounty fun, they could release a Hero Class with the Bountyhunter trait.
That way more of my guildies would spend gems on this event.

Because: fun?



I have a feeling that this will be one of the worst Bounty events ever.
I guess I’ll have to stick to Level 19.

Developers are either not checking things on their own, adding automatically generated troops, or they just want to lose money and make the players bitter.

I am not sure what’s worse and what is true in this case, but one thing is for sure.
If I don’t get any blue orbs, I may skip those events altogether. It’s just not worth it in the end.


Just look at the rewards for “bounty” to justify doing the event. For anyone playing the game for 1+ year i cannot imagine you would be impressed. Rewards feel like they are tailored to a beginning player not someone who has been popping gems for years. The only reason i get excited at all is for that mythic rare chance of a decent vault key reward but i am more likely going to be dissapointed with that. For this “bounty” event to be worth my time i want to see 300ish gems, at least 1 million gold reward, and 500 ish trophies…just from the standard rewards. We dont need souls!!!

I found 18 tougher than 20, because of the bloody Bunny boosting HP left and right while Asp mutilates… In 20, Ridgeback can send Gorbil to the back so it may be hopefully killed before it casts, and next send the Goat to the back so the Fox stays in front catching skulls.

The 5 minutes estimate by Maxx is quite accurate on my side though, so seeing how I need 31 more victories, will need to sink 2.5 hours on this endeavor, so I can get 2 Major Growth orbs just like last Bounty :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue:

War Wolf, Ridgeback, Man-at-Arms,Tigraki Warrior

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I found it much harder on the way to 20. 20 is not too bad as long as Gorbil does not devour, shift Gorbil to the back, and take it out with Tigraki Warrior - 2 casts. I sort of agree and disagree with shifting Goat, leave it there, let it block Spirit Fox and take Goat out with Corpse Mare, or skull Spirit Fox by shifting it. Either way as teams are different, all’s good. :slight_smile:

I’m using Corpse Mare, War Wolf, T Warrior and Rift Lynx. My Ridgeback sits at 49 copies still, so…

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Why dont you open gold chests to mythic ridgeback?

I’m in agreement. I think the Devs think that potion whaling will win out. I’d add a further point and suggest that the events are manipulated to be harder, so that more people spend more potions to feel they can do it.

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I could and have, probably an irrelevant remark from me!

Why do I even bother with these stupid events


Indeed it seems counterintuitive that the devs/publisher would allow for players to end up frustrated instead of fulfilled after investing resources (time, $$, resources…), since the result is not only an aversion to invest again, but also a dissemination of said aversion to invest towards those who seek investment advice (at least one of my guildies is skipping this Bounty because of my double Major Growth last Bounty): if the devs/publisher was deliberately frustrating players (e.g. by allowing double Green Major Orbs to even be an option) to secure further inve$tment from the players, that would at least be reasonable (morality aside).

But the above scenario is a lose-lose situation, thus arguably irrational for the devs/publisher to allow such situation to have a Probability > 0


The Village Idiot class, useless for any practical purposes? Should probably also have a 30% chance to run away when doing skull damage and move to a random team position when matching four or more gems, for a complete set of horrible traits.

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We already have numerous classes that do not see any play: this one would at least be useful 3 days out of 28 :blush::crossed_fingers::vulcan_salute:

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This is worse than the worst nightmare. I have a suspicion that they may have nerfed the Blue Orbs.
Our guild members are complaining about the same thing.

Bounty is every 5 weeks. And the trait wouldn’t really work for the hero, unlike Bounty troops you can’t ascend multiple copies to a higher rarity tier for an increased Bounty multiplier. If they wanted us to use the hero more often in the Bounty event they’d just add a static multiplier, not based on class, traits or talents.

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Gross. T2 for one copy, back to PAX for me! Forget about using these sigils.

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