Bounty Weekend - War Wolf

Well, for anyone struggling, Tacet bought T5, and is easily on his way to completing Bounty Weekend event. He’s not struggling at all…

I’m not sure why anyone would think this is tough, when Tacet beats this stuff without effort within a couple hours.

Maybe cuz he’s using Yao?

I am not struggling either seen cba to waste too much time on this crap got hero on team from lvl 1 lol.

Those struggling are using 4 bounty troops.


It’s tough for a full bounty team. Which is what’s intended to be used.
That would be like me saying “guild wars aren’t tough. I just use my favorite pvp team every day regardless of color.”

And no, Tier 5 (without 30x) won’t be enough to complete the event.

You suffer no penalty for doing things without 4 bounty troops other than scoring a bit less which you easily make up for by doing the matches 2-3 x faster, but if you want to do things the hard way, that’s perfectly within your rights…

And guild wars score hurts your guild if you use a non-mono troop, Bounty hurts no one if you use a non-bounty troop.

And your bounty score hurts your ability to get all the rewards. Again you need Tier 4, plus 30x (so 2 minor orbs) as a base to get all the rewards.

This singular bounty event is designed poorly. Period.

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If you are trying to get to the last reward, it’s a big penalty.


My original point still remains true regardless of what team you use.

What do you exactly mean by this?

This is what I used (tier V, legendary War Wolf, no lost games, no lost Valravens)

And here is how far my rewards are:

That is with one sigil and two more days to spare.
Nothing significantly harder (or more “exciting”) than any other bounty hunter.


Sorry, without using a full bounty team. 24x on Tier 5 can’t get all the rewards (I don’t think).
Will summon @Mithran because I know he did the math on it somewhere.

With T5, even 20x should be within the range of possibility as determined by the average raven apperance rate estimate of ~27.5%, and t5 was possible without orbs even with my old raven estimate of 25%, and I’ve done it before personally. T5 should be possibly with a 3 bounty troop team containing a legendary captain, but its a little tighter on sigils (avg mod needed 20-21x). An average of 26x is needed if we use the 27.5% model for a t4 purchase, you’d may or may not fall just short if you don’t orb anything but still have a perfect run with a full bounty team.

T3 was still impossible with any mathematical model I applied for fixed raven appearance rate and orbing the bounty captain up to mythic (avg needed 34x mod even with a ~27.5%-27.78% estimated raven appearance rate). You need a bare minimum of 52 plays, so 21 starting sigils is a few starting sigils short of the most generous fixed rate estimate. I was working on a variable rate model (starting at 30% appearance rate, tapering off to 25% or possibly less) that is a bit more complicated, but I haven’t gotten around to gathering all the data for it yet. My current rough estimate even under that model, starting at 30% appearance rate with a decently slow decay rate is that t3 would fall just short.

By the way, you need a bare minimum of 55 total plays (2100 * 28 + 35 * 200 * 28) to accumulate the total 250,000 points needed with a 28x multiplier. A 27.78% average raven rate estimation with a starting sigils of 24 (day 1 t4 purcahse) would put you at at average of 54 overall plays +/- (or possibly just + or not +) one raven, meaning the above sample (t5 purchase, perfect run, finished with 1 sigil left on day 1 so 24 starting sigils with 1 remaining, total of 55 plays) is within this fixed-rate model.


I’ve never been happier to be wrong. Thanks @Mithran and it looks like you were right @Zeddicus2017 my apologies. :grinning:
I can’t award you a higher honor than this one. :wink:


You can beat it, sure, no problem, but it is super annoying. In general, recently, developers are either being soundly asleep relying on complete automation of everything, which obviously does not work well, even with their own forum posts, or simply have a desperate desire to troll the players to the point when they either quit or spend money. :rofl:

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Officially worst bounty ever.


I used War Wolf, Tigraki, Man at Arms and Half Mane. Didn’t lose a battle and never let a Valraven escape, but as others said, super annoying. Not one time did a raven replace that stupid spirit fox. Gorbil only ate 1 troop, so I was lucky in that respect. Leftover sigils can rot.

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You can play super-quick battles in Stage 1 for class XP, although there’s no easy ‘Play Again’ button, so it’s possible the extra clicking negates the speed of the actual battles…


Also: once you can gauge how far you are from the full rewards, using 2 or 3 sigils per battle will expedite the final stretch with no large number of sigil leftovers. Same goes for bloody ToD.

Time to get back to Challenges before 4.6 drops with the next grindy feature… :sweat_smile::crossed_fingers::vulcan_salute:


I did it with Orbweaver/trick shot in 2 hours and 30 min. You score 4800 points with hero or Yao, and I did it with plenty of sigils to spare. Now I did go to T6 for the mythic bounty troop, but if you are willing to use orbs you could probably finish with t4 on Sunday with free sigils…

Ps. My Orbweaver is 100, so I saw a bunch of instant kills trigger during my run, made it faster, and I think it was the first time I saw the 7% kill thing trigger more than once in a blue moon.


I don’t think I can add any more useful comments to this conversation, but I just want to chime in and say in the year I’ve been playing, this is by far the most painful, aggravating, and hellish bounty. With the gorbils that devour you and waste your sigil, to the stealthed spirit foxes that mana drain, to the spiders that summon more garbage for you to chew through, and the rams that knock your team around. This has got to be the absolute worst combination of bounty teams to fight against.

I gave up because my weekend and time can be spent doing more important things than going through this aggravation.


Ehh. I won every battle using 4x Bounty troops (including War Wolf) and didn’t lose a single Valraven :slight_smile:

Every battle was pretty slow and boring.

That’s about the worst thing I can say about it.

Nobody was tortured or died.


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