Bounty Weekend - Tigraki Warrior

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New Bounty Troop: Tigraki Warrior

The Tigraki Warrior from Leonis Empire, is this weekend’s Bounty Captain.

Tigraki Warrior will be available in the Bounty Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

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Another great design :+1:

According to the small description, there also might be a Bearaki that is looking for honey all over the place. Who knows…

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So this poor dude doesn’t get any lore since he got released after the Lorekeeper chapter? Or will he be in next week’s chapter in addition to the new Monday troops?

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Ooh. Looks like undead enemies this time too. Very strong bounty captain…

Ouch @ the troop colours. Looks like a hard pass for me this time, since I can’t turn it into another episode of Yao Guai and his Merry Bounty Hunters™


The only thing bad about Tigraki Warrior is the fact that he’s not Yellow, so he can’t benefit from Bard in late levels. Still the best choice early on in 4x Bounty team. Rift Lynx is happy to have True Damage friend!

Now, let hope for future Legendary troop/weapon that do true damage equal to enemy’s armor. Seems perfectly balanced for me. lol

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Might be decent to set up Arachean Weaver, outside of bounties anyways. End stage bounty will probably have too much life to die from a double Weaver shot, even if you can soften one down.

Since a guildmate discovered you can get reward 15 without spending gems, I’m happy to wait for it to appear in chests.

While I’m completely surprised it took actual feedback to the devs to realize people want relevant troops to the game mode they’re playing. (Sister Superior vs non-undead anyone?), I can appreciate that the last two Bounty event troops had practical uses and didn’t use the weeks 10% buffs against the player.

Wish we could skip the “obviously the players want this but we won’t give it them until demanded heavily” phase and just go straight to the easy quality of life things that’d make everyone happy (happier?).

Things like Event keys giving only kingdom troops transitioned in with almost no mention/fanfare, so I could never properly thank whoever/whenever it was that finally let it happen.

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Why didn’t I never notice Tigraki Warrior have Undead slayer trait? Damn… that make him a great front troop, with his Armored trait and all.

But… I still have to use Sister Superior on top again, can’t have some troop blocking Dawnbringer. Beside, she can dispel+stun all enemies now, unlike in her own Bounty event.


it works very well with Pharoah Hound despite having the exact same colors. Any accidental skull match from the skull storm pretty much demolishes the other team. If it dies, well who cares.


I though a bear is the one that looks for honey all over.

And… I ended up switching Tigraki Warrior on top when grinding at last stage. Despite pretty weak enemies team, their endless buff could turn things into nightmare. His double skulls damage make the match much faster, which is very helpful.

As for his spell, turned out he could two-shot most troops most of the time. It’s so strong that I think, for the first time, it’s even possible to use 4x Bounty team at stage 20 for maximum 6,000 score. It’s very risky, but very possible. You just have to avoid all enemies’ skulls match, then hope Banshee don’t hit him, and Wraith don’t steal his life.

In retrospect, I kinda regret buying Tier 6 now. I know it’s possible with only Tier 5 and a minor acension orb, but I ran out of it. With Bounty Captain like this, I don’t think I really need him at Mythic to get all rewards. Kinda wish I use @Mithran’s calculation post before deciding to spend gems now.

Because many players actually wanted (and still want) troops that have a general usefulness that could potentially result in bounty troops being used outside of bounty events.
Obviously a combination of both would be preferable but i’d still take a Sister Superior over something with questionable potential use only for those 3 days any day.

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I have captain in front but don’t cast him. Need those precious colors for Hound/YG.

How does the number 1 on Xbox have 818,400 points already when the number 2 has 300k points and the number 1 on PC has around 300k points as well?

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Hmm… I just have an idea. Tigraki Warrior + Ubastet combo could totally work. With Ubastet increasing Tigraki’s attack and magic every turns, any Tigraki’s cast/skull match would totally bring a troop to Ubastat’s killing range, pulling another full-health troops with it.

It could work outside Bounty as well, although skull match won’t be as effective. I totally gonna put them both on defense in Raksha week!!


Would work well with the weaver too…