Bounty Weekend - Tigraki Warrior

Yeah, but 1 more attack every turns = 2 more skull damage to Undead, and 1:1 scaling true damage is always useful.

Also, just finish all 20 rewards, so burned out… Will look at Leaderboard later on Sunday, to decide if it worth pursuing for top 100. Easy game also mean higher competition, I won’t waste gems on something this unpredictable.


How… do you achieve that then ?

Play 4 mythic bounty troops up to level 10, play 3 mythic bounty troops and one non bounty troop for the rest

Thank you for the Weaver suggestion. I had gotten to Reward 12 and I thought I would call it quits, but subbing in Weaver got me past 13.

A lot of troops would benefit from this mindset. Tigraki Warrior is not only great in Bounty, but since the Undead, usually, have more armor than life he is also a very decent undead slayer/hunter with his spell and traits. It’s the details that makes a whole difference.


I easily destroy all stages using this team:



Yeah, Tigraki Warrior got a very high damage output for a Rare card. Kinda similar to Paladin, but his strong damage depended on enemy’s armor instead of his own.

No wonder he was incorrectly planned as the first Ultra-Rare Bounty troop in spoiler. Hahaha.

He is balanced out as normal damage removes armor and reduces his total damage later. And he’ll be slightly worse onde this week is over, but at least he works well for the event and he is decent for a rare card, which means he is waaaaaaaay better than some Ultra-Rare, Epic and even legendary troops out there.

Anyway, this is the second bounty i’ve put enough gems to get upgrade the troop to Mythic.
“Gem$ of $kill” :money_mouth_face:
At least i got a Major Orb of Ascension and Growth from the rewards. Last time i got an Orb of “freaking” Clans… :rage:

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What multiplier does everyone get with 3 mythic bounty troops, and 1 not bounty?
I am only getting x18. Is that right or should it be more? A few others have x24 using the same

24 if you use Tigraki at Mythic level plus two other Mythic Bountyhunters, because Bounty Captains (the new event troop) are worth the double. And no, using two Tigrai wouldn’t count, each bounty troop needs to be unique to provide score bonus.


Thanks, i forgot about the bounty captain bonus

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Love this troop

Why all the necro’ing? I just don’t understand?


I was catching up on what I missed. Should I not have done that?

To be fair he is on the same theme than delve :stuck_out_tongue:


You have been foretold :innocent:

Someone explained it to me:

The forums try to pick “related threads” and put links at the bottom. It’s hard to read timestamps even if they’re 36-point bold font. So people click “similar threads” and reply and we get this.

It’d be nice if there were some kind of warning when you try to reply to something > 2 months old. Feels like exactly the kind of clever thing Discourse usually implements.

(Case in point: the related threads for this one on my screen are from April 2018. Also apparently War Corgi announcement? I can’t tell any more if it’s “old thread” or “what’s releasing on Switch”. Maybe that’s part of the Discourse feature? It knows a lot of last year is about to become relevant again.)

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Necromany is punishable by death in some areas, so be more careful.

I didn’t mean to Sorry

Is Necromancy allowed?