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Bounty Weekend - Urska Druid

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/bounty-weekend-urska-druid/

New Bounty Troop: Tigraki Warrior

The Urska Druid from Urskaya, is this weekend’s Bounty Captain.

Urska Druid will be available in the Bounty Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

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Text says ‘Tigraki Warrior’ above?


This is a rare troop so won’t be in gem chests.


NERFED GEM KEYS!!! OMG! :smiley::smiley::smiley:


I don’t like the idea of nerfing Gem Keys

Just post an opening for a proof-reader for crying out loud.


So no damage? He just entangles?
That must be one of the game’s weakest troop ever…

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He also does double skull damage against mechs, and I will hazard a guess that the primary enemy troop type this week is mech.


This thread inspires…confidence?


Well I was going to buy 1100 gems worth of tiers to get it mythic and crush bounty but after that shambles of a post that is a clear copy/pasta with minor edits and zero proof-reading I do not believe that I shall.

Chin chin folks, stiff upper lip and all that tosh.

What what.

I do believe I am going crazy and might need an intervention yet even I am sane enough to declare that this is simply not good enough.

I feel offended by this flagrant disregard for us consumer bots and am presently retreating to my safe space.

I bid y’all g’day.

Well for me this week bounty troop is decent. In battle 20 you face 4x mechs so entangle and dealing 2x skull damage vs mechs aint too bad. And it creates green which feeds yao guai when youre short on red. Conveniently none of the battle 20 enemies use green
I spent gems to mythic it. Completed all rewards with 5 spare sigils (lost twice tho)

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It’s still wrong… oh well… yeah this is possibly one of the worst troops ever made, and we have to use it for the damn event… and the Mech Slayer helps a bit but frankly just counters that pretty much everything has Stoneskin… while this dude is squishy as hell…

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I agree that Urska druid is weak in first place,as it gets killed way to easy if entangle evaporates before it can cast again.Use it in second spot and it combines well with trickster shot in first spot(titan class).

I kinda like it, at face value (without having used it). It’s like a rare version of Yasmine’s Chosen re: green gem spawning, minus the damage of course, but with a cheaper mana cost. I’m actually really looking forward to putting it into an entangling team later, when it comes out in the regular drop pool (as I don’t tend to spend gems on bounty events).

Pretty sure that was something I was offering at the time. Ah well…