Urskaya on consoles hype


Finally, thanks!


Did you get Corrupted Urska?


And I just pulled out a totem guardian from gold chests @Stan


I opened 10,000 gold chests and got
18 domovoi
94 leshy
25 urskatyr
10,000 gold chests gave me these resources too…
Gold - 140,960
Glory - 6408
Gems - 158
Souls - 9314


Corrupted Urska will be available for glory with next week’s event on consoles.


Great news


So no Urska Savage for them next week?
Or will they get both?

And what about next week kingdom? Do Console get it?


They will get both


So what’s the best strategy with the chests do you guys reckon? Open gold chests now but glory and above only when new mythic?


Generally, yes. You could also just wait until Monday and spend event keys which will net you only (mostly?) troops from Urskaya kingdom. I would suppose that depends on how many event keys you have saved up / willing to spend.


My resources are limited, so my plan is to open a few thousand gold chests tomorrow to get the common and rare troops, then open event chests Monday until I at least get 1 legendary. If I get the rest of the troops by the time I get the legendary, I probably stop there. If I get the legendary before I get the rest of the troops, then I’m not sure. Might hold-off until Friday and hope to catch the rest when I open what glory and gem chests I can muster for the Mythic.


I like that plan. do commons and rares not drop from event keys? I can’t remember…


No, they don’t. I’m more prepared to be patient with this one than in the past. We might get a second kingdom soonish, so I won’t burn all my gold keys either.


Vodonoi or whatever it is, they’re in the arena.


If Monday starts a new Kingdom event as planned, and I open my Event Chest on Friday is only the exclusive new Mythic in the drop pool on the Event chest list?


My understanding is that the only mythic you could get from an event chest would be one resident in the event kingdom. Since we won’t have Doomclaw yet, I don’t think you could pull a mythic from event chests at any time next week. If someone knows better, please feel free to correct me. I did find a May post from Rasper that confirmed this, though he was cautious in his wording as well.


If there’s no mythic in the event kingdom, event keys will not get you a mythic. Apparently.
However seeing as 10-20% aren’t even troops from the event kingdom who actually really knows?
I’m majorly surprised that nobody has been kicking up a stink about this. They’re a complete mis-sell. A con.


So I’ve only opened 10,000 Gold chests so far, what is the best plan now with event keys? Open just enough to get 1 copy of the new legendary? How many event keys do you guys plan to use? I’m a little hesitant to spend too many as they are so precious now and especially with another kingdom around the corner.

Another question, do you guys plan on opening ALL your saved glory/gem chests this Friday (assuming new mythic comes) or better to wait a few weeks for next kingdom and dump all then?


I will open until i get 1 copy then wait for next