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CONSOLE: New Kingdom - Urskaya

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/console-new-kingdom-urskaya/

New Kingdom: Urskaya

Welcome to the home of the Urska, and their King, Mikhail.

Visit Baba Yaga, to learn about the strange dreams that have been plaguing your sleep, punch lots of bears, take their stuff, and collect 7 new troops including: the Leshy, the Urskatyr, the Domovoi, the Vodyanoi, and Yaga’s Hut, along with Baba Yaga and King Mikhail themselves!

Please note this release only applies to the XBox One and Playstation 4 versions of the game.

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People who say first suck


And you used it in your sentence! So you said it, so you suck according to your own statement! Lol :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Copied from another thread.
I opened 10,000 gold chests and got
18 domovoi
94 leshy
25 urskatyr
10,000 gold chests gave me these resources too…
Gold - 140,960
Glory - 6408
Gems - 158
Souls - 9314


I think my use of it in that sentence is an implied exception to the rule :stuck_out_tongue:


Vodyanoi isn’t in glory chests I think.

I just got 2


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Text saying 7 but he only mention 5?

This include the 2 troops from next week event?

Almost 3k glory keys but finally got one lol

Is there a convenient link for the location that shows what all these new troops are or do I have to search them individually?

Anyone know what is the 2 person praying with a heart? It saying coming soon


Possibly some form of adding an ingame friend or something.

If i fight against you, you not my friend :stuck_out_tongue:

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There will be two new troops released for glory on Monday, as well, but they won’t be available on the DB until Sunday evening at the earliest.

Anyone found yaga’s hut? The only one i am missing

Waiting for event to get the king

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Anyone else notice that we have different troop art than PC and Ashtender for this kingdom?

That’s been on PC for over a year I think :stuck_out_tongue: My guess is probably some form of friend list eventually.

Did you guys get the old art? PC went out briefly with old art before it was changed to the current ones.

I heard talk about the old and new, but never saw the ones we got until today. So, I guess it is the old art. I think I like it better.

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Well the new kingdom is good, some interesting unit and definitely better quest story than previous kingdom (fight for freaking rabbit who slain a kingdom just because she think they are arrogant, then tell you after she might kill you in future. Was feeling have to fight for Staline or Hitler… Disgusting :unamused:…)