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Bear Necessities

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/bear-necessities/

The simple bear necessities…

New Troop: Urska Savage

Not all the Urska live in palaces like King Mikhail. One the fringes of Urskaya, the tribes are still wild, primitive, and savage. They are extremely territorial, and will react violently to any and all intruders. In particular, on the southern borders of Urskaya, the tribes have trouble with Dragons coming down from the mountains, and so they have become some of the most efficient and brutal Dragon-Hunters in Krystara.

New Troop (Console): Corrupted Urska

TRAVEL WARNING: Adventurers are advised to take care when travelling north near Urskaya.

Recently, a calamitous event in Urskaya caused a strange corruption to spread through the local Urska population. The exact cause seems to trace back to something involving a traveller and a failed divination attempt that caught the attention of an Ancient Daemon Lord. While the spread of the corruption seems to have been halted, it has still left its mark upon a number of the infected, as purple crystals seem to sprout from under their skin, leaving them prone to sudden intense fits of murderous rage.

TL;DR: Watch out for shiny purple murder-bears.

Please note this Event is for all versions of the game (though console players will also get access to the Corrupted Urska for glory).

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Since its bear worth repeating: First!


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Very interesting troop. What do you think @Tacet ???

Game definitely needed another dragon counter.

Too bad they aren’t meta now.

We need a “stop 100 turns in a row” troop with empowered. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, does that mean quad damage versus Monster Daemons, Daemon Dragons and Monster Dragons?

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Yes, and it does 8x damage if they are hunter marked.

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Am I reading that correctly that console is only getting 1 of the 2 troops?

Scratch that never mind lol

It’s the opposite. PC/Mobile already has Corrupted Urska.

Actually console gets 2 troops while PC/Mobile only get one of them.

I’m not sure this guy “counters” dragons outside of the early game set. He’ll need a double tap at least to deal with the more threatening dragons even then, at which point they have more than likely charged and started killing your team (since you also weren’t taking their mana colors). Triple slayer certainly is interesting, or would be if entangle wasn’t so free and there was a bit more overlap between these.


At least we don’t have to worry about a Nerf this week! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Too early?


You forgot about Merlantis on Friday. :wink:

Is the new kingdom coming next Friday? I thought it was postponed?

I think that has been delayed a bit.

Oh, my bad, didn’t see the delay post.

Delay for Pc/Mobile and/or for Console?

Not impressed with this troop but we will see how it performs in combat. Afraid he will just be a punching bag but could be a good troop.

I don’t think I ever got confirmation: if a Kingdom does not have a Mythic and you forbidden from pulling a Mythic from an Event Chest? if there is an exclusive new Mythic 1 week window occurring what happens? …are you still totally unable to get a Mythic out of the Event Chest?. topic carried over from a console thread.

Looking for confirmation either way rather than personal speculation.