New Kingdom - Urskaya

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New Kingdom: Urskaya

Welcome to the home of the Urska, and their King, Mikhail.

Visit Baba Yaga, to learn about the strange dreams that have been plaguing your sleep, punch lots of bears, take their stuff, and collect 7 new troops including: the Leshy, the Urskatyr, the Domovoi, the Vodyanoi, and Yaga’s Hut, along with Baba Yaga and King Mikhail themselves!

Russian Comes to Steam

With the release of Urskaya, Steam players will now be able to play the game in Russian (coincidence? I think not).

Please note this release only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Yeeeah, it is heeere :yum:



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welcome comrades :sunglasses:

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Wooo! \o/ The right to bear arms!


Hey everyone, just letting you know that the old art has accidentally gone out for Urskaya on PC. This art affects Domovoi, the Urskateer and Leshy. There will be new art for them and their spells released next week.


Looks great! Also, nice touch adding Russian language at the same time. xD


@Saltypatra during the second set of battles in the quest line game wont let you collect rewards and sticks

on pc.

you have to restart game. then it makes you do the battles again. andsticks

We encountered this issue, and found that when you restarted the game it worked as intended. (Letting you claim your rewards!)

i restarted. it resets the battles and sticks again

Not seeing them in the 1000 Glory Chests I just burned, nor in the ‘Unowned’ filter in my collection (only Infernus there).

MIne makes me keep restarting also
Gets hung up after winning

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Are all new kingdom troops in chest ?

Opened some keys, got Leshy, Urskatyr, and Domovoi. But when I checked troops tab, they’re not there. Also there’s no Urskaya kingdom yet on troops tab. Also no bear banner.

found them in chests, but can’t find them in my troops list. HELP! Steam

PC or Mobile? (and is it different on the other?)

Do you have some informations to share about the “new art”? A new team? A new style?

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@Saltypatra New troops and kingdom aren’t showing up in my troops list and new banner isn’t showing up either

Can’t find an Urskaya filter in the collection either.

We are aware of the issue of the troops not being seen in the troop lists. However, you can still pull the troops. We are investigating this now.

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