Bounty Weekend - Droggo

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New Bounty Troop: Droggo

The Droggo from Dragon’s Claw, is this weekend’s Bounty Captain.

Droggo will be available in the Bounty Shop, and will appear in Gold, Glory and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

I would have accepted Rottwyvern too btw.

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I really enjoyed this bounty. The troop wasn’t great but it was nice having a troop deal double skull damage to enemies we are actually fighting.


* may want to include that you used an Ascension orb to get to 30x if I saw you did Tier 5 correctly.
(We only shared one troop in our builds. :grin:)

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Does anyone know if you can get all rewards with tier5 without using blue orb?


With a full bounty team. That would still be 28x right?
(I know someone did it with 24x (used an orb but only using 3 bounty troops)

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Fleg u can. Just go pure bounty. And u good too go


Anyone tried with tier 4? :crazy_face: So that would be 24x but obviously 6 less sigils than tier 5.

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If it is possible, they’d be betting on luck more than anything. I’d advise against it.


I did this the first week potions came out, so yes. (Double checked, and math shows you need an avg ~23x modifier with no lost sigils/valravens)

T4 should be mathematically impossible to get full rewards with perfect valravens (and above average, clamped to +1) even with a couple blue orbs to max out your bounty modifier to x28 - you need to avg a 30x modifier (you’d be just short if everything went your way otherwise). 19 rewards at x20 modifier is just possible, without blue orbs on a perfect run, though, unless you get unlucky.

Actually, none of that is correct. Go here:


So all 20 rewards with tier5 and 19 rewards with tier4? I guess the question is is a major random orb worth 300 gems? Not to mention all the extra tedious battles.

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lvl 1-19 @ x28 = 53,200 points (19 sigils)

196,800 points remaining @ 5,600/ lvl 20 run = 35.1 sigils

19+36=55 sigils needed

Tier 5 gives 2+3+4+5+6= 20 sigils
Plus 12 sigils free over 3 days
32 sigils…
Gotta catch 12 Ravens… Seems doable


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Scratch that, highest modifier possible is x30, so it would be just possible. Also, you definitely don’t need the blue orb with a t5 purchase if you do full bounty the entire time.

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I’m doing tier 4 with 30x this weekend.
Here’s a SS from before today’s and tomorrow’s sigils.

I figure I’ll have 12 sigils and 6k per battle.

Wait, so you spent 2 minor blues? Unlikely to get those back from the rewards I’m not sure why someone would do that?

I did it the last few Bounty events. Tier IV without the Ascension orb so multiplier was x26. You need to be perfect (no losses or missed valravens) or if you miss 1 valraven or loss up to 2 battles you need the last valraven to spawn at the beginning of his possible range and not at the end.

I did it to get Dragons claw to Max stars. I could give 2 :poop: or in this case… 2 (insert Ascension emoji that we don’t have for some reason? @Ozball I think you were the one who added Doomskulls to the forums) about the bounty rewards.
Anyway, yeah that’s why I did it. I’m gem broke after City of Thieves.

My end game is always having my Kingdom power level maxed (can’t keep my kingdom levels maxed anymore).

Yeah sadly this game has made maxing everything a pipe dream now. Emojis, titles, kingdom lv, weapon upgrades, pets…

Except for Kingdom Power Level. :grinning:
(My goal used to be having all the troops, then it was having all the pets, pets to Mythic ( that was ruined by the Honor system), and now it’s just have the Kingdom Power Level maxed. While also not getting too behind on Mythic pets assuming they’ll one day allow us to get more copies of the Revered Kitty.