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Bounty Weekend - Parrot

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/bounty-weekend-parrot/

Bounty Troop: Parrot The Parrot from Blackhawk, is this weekend’s Bounty Captain. The Parrot was one of the original Bountyhunter troops that released when we first introduce Bounties but he never got a chance to be a Bounty Captain until now. Upcoming Weekend Events Due to the events going on in the world, we had…

Reward 5 includes 5 Runic Magic stones because Parrot uses Blue/Yellow and Delves don’t already give enough Runic Magics…

I’d link the post but I can’t at the moment, but Red/Yellow Runics are the rarest to obtain. New players might as well start a collection of dust collectors. Well played. :axe::rage::shield:

And 5 more at Reward 18…if the Arcanes given are Venoms, why not at least 5 Magic and 5 Nature Runics? My friend still needs Natures as well. For the Horde.

Parrot says silence!


Since this is a repeat, can anyone theorize on the shop level that you need to buy to get all the rewards? Thanks!


Yes, someone can theorize! :grin:


at 24x, t4 will almost always get you full rewards. so t3 x30 should be sufficient.

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I like the bounty rewards, but man is it boring doing the same fight over and over… the enemies don’t change, their levels don’t change, nothing changes, it’s just the same fight. And now on top of that, we don’t even get a new troop this time to switch things up. Gah.

I’ve done one with a tier 2 purchase in the past. (Yes, I used a major orb of ascension. No, I don’t care; I already had Zuul. :joy:)

Edit: Looking at old screenshots, I finished reward 19 on tier 2. It may indeed require tier 3 for full completion.

Thanks guys. My standard team is x24 so I will try T4. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Same, but at least Persistence wasn’t in Battle 20. He ate my Tigraki in 19, and that almost lost me a bird, so that wasn’t something I wanted to do over and over because I’ll take boring over risky any day.

Though it would be nice if it wasn’t boring. I’m just not sure how that could be accomplished given the mode’s current structure.

Issue is, is that once you get ZG, orbs hold little value anymore. Why spend gems to get orbs, if you don’t need them?


I still find orbs very useful, especially ascension and clan orbs. Guild chests have been my main source of new mythics and I use ascension orbs to up my kingdom power (dooms, legendaries, bounty hunters, …). That said, it’s is true I’m willing to spend fewer gems on orbs now :slight_smile:

Just want to add, thank you for the bounty re-run! For those who do still need orbs, a nice way of getting a few without spending too much.

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Zuul is the ultimate goal for endgamers, but that doesn’t mean orbs are entirely useless.

If you don’t have millions of souls or traitstones, growth and wisdom are obviously helpful.

Clan orbs are worth 15 guild keys, which at 40k seals are equal to gem keys assuming all guardians are mythic and at 4 copies.

Ascension orbs are a huge gem or time save. An event legendary can take hundreds of event keys. If you get one after 200 keys, but have everything else, a minor blue orb save a lot of keys.

You shouldn’t go spending thousands of gems, but playing for free sigils or a hundred or so isn’t that bad, especially on bounties.


Runics and Arcanes are associated to the Weekly Kingdom (Zhul’Kari this time) not the Bounty Captain.
Usually the captain is from the weekly kingdom tho.

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My issue is with Fel’Dras and her boost by enemies magic. She is on 20. Also Satyr Hunter is there doing double damage on skulls when he places hunter’s mark.
I keep doing the 17th or 18th fight (Persistence is one of the enemies but I take him down quickly)

So what’s the best team for this?

I tried going x29 with Tigraki, Wood Rhynax, Agave, and Parrot. That ran into trouble around Tile 12.

Now I’ve switched to the Goblette-War Elephant combo I found out about after the last Bounty was over. With Wood Rhynax in second position. It took me down to x26 but it’s working better

Thank you for that. I had never noticed. But, even tho Zhul’Kari is a Magic kingdom, it uses Green deeds. Yet all the Minor, Major, and Runics are Magic, not Nature. Not even a fifty/fifty split when they’re both components of Venom stones.

So, I kinda still mad about this. 2 Nature Runic Delve Rooms vs 5 Magic. Yo @Sirrian, fix yo game. @Saltypatra, please pass this along. Tyvm

I like Tigraki vs undamaged troops and Half Mane vs damaged. Wood Rhynax gets rid of Red, so he’s out. I’m still just starting tho. That skeleton horse and Parrot in top slots. Too much Yellow…

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Hmmm, I’m liking this no new bounty troop bounty. The loot you can get for just tier 2 or 3 is impressive at x30.

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Excavator creates red gems. He would make a nice complement to Tigraki+Half-Mane

My Half-Mane isn’t traited but I’ll give it a try

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