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Bounty Weekend - Mermaid

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/bounty-weekend-mermaid/

New Bounty Troop: Mermaid

The Mermaid from Merlantis, is this weekend’s Bounty Captain.

Mermaid will be available in the Bounty Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

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deal 24 of the stuff to the enemy :smiley:
And really? Blue / Yellow again? there are sooooo many combinations and only 9 other bounty troops and this is the second one that has same colors as one before :smiley:


Best bounty captain to suit the enemies yet. This bounty is actually fun.


So what teams are people using? I made it to battle 9 with four bounty hunters, but mine were too weak to get further than that. I am now just using Mermaid, Valkyrie, Mercy and Sunweaver to try and get through the battles.

For early levels I’m using

  • parrot / pharaoh / scavenger / rift linx B: Crypt Red Purple -green

I didn’t try to build a team using Mermaid, Tigraki Warrior, or Agave because mine have low bounty multiplier.

Last bounty, after it became difficult I survived to the last sigil from tier 3 with

  • sister / parrot / pharaoh / yao B: Sin Red Brown -purple

(prob used a different banner last time if bounty came before the new kingdom)

Just looping Pharoah with itself and Yao, and sending the Sister to heaven.

Tier 20: Mermaid / Ice Wraith / Pharoah Hound / Yao Guai (Meteor)

All enemies in 20 use yellow or purple, so freeze Atlanta.


I finished all 20 stages, that was really fun.

I love these types of events!

Orbs though, ugh, no ascension… that’s always something to turn me a bit Sad Panda like…

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Bounty weekend WOOHOO!!! Bounties are my favorite event. I can’t wait to get home and start hunting.

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What tier did you buy? Is it possible to finish 20 stages with legendary captain?

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I bought all the way to the end, and with birds was fortunate, using my extra sigils now for leader-board gains.

I don’t know, you can see what @Tacet did here, I’m not sure what he bought, but he doesn’t always buy a lot and he finishes the events:


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I usually buy enough to mythic the captain and finish all rewards without any problem. Was wondering if anyone has ever done/calculated with legendary captain

Beat all the battles , only losing once, with my team of Mermaid / Valkyrie / Mercy / Sunweaver, but it was really tough. I have worked out that it is easier and more profitable as far as points go to go back to a lower level with 4 bounty hunter troops.

On battle 20, 200 X 6 im getting 1200 points per win. On battle 8, with a team of Mermaid / Ice Wraith / Parrot / Rift Lynx, 80 X 18 I’m getting 1440 points per win.

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THIS was a great Bounty day!!! Got my Vault Key and didn’t spend a single Gem. VALUE!


I’ve waited so long for a 24x Bonus and whew boy the crazy speed!



  • Whatever
  • Whatever
  • Dragon Eye
  • Ubastet

I bought only Tier V, and planning to do a Legendary Captain run this Bounty, due to lack of gems and Asension Orb. But the first orbs I got from forth fight turned out to be Asension, so I orbed her and play the rest.

Right now, I only need 30K more point to finish stage 20, so it should be done next daily reset.
So rough estimation, Tier V with Legendary Captain should let you finish first 19 stages, but might come up short on the last stage.

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Fuzzy memory, but that sounds right.

Reward 20 requires a massive 80k point total, which pushes it all-but-completely out of the range of a Tier 5 purchase. I want to say that someone did the math in the past and concluded that it is technically possible to reach Reward 20 with a Tier 5 purchase, but it requires almost complete perfection to achieve with no room for error.

The extra 8 base sigils plus the extra x2 multiplier grants a considerable safety margin to hit Reward 20, but that extra 400 gem cost for that is pretty steep.


It’s surely possible, but with one Asension Orb on Captain. I’m always did that every Bounty. Tried Tier VI last time, too many sigils.

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With Tier VI you can reach the last reward even playing at easier stages. I played up to Stage 16, but i’ve been doing mostly Stage 14 by now and should finish all rewards with tomorrow’s sigils. (Could have finished today, but lost some battles due connection issues on my end.)


Here’s the screenshot of my progress


My strategy is using 4 Bounty team up until Level 16, then switch to 3 Bounty team on last 4 levels, then farming on last Level 20. So far, not a single match lose or Valraven flew away.

New Bounty Captain’s matching themes are very awesome, so the match is a bit easier with very low risk. I’m glad my predicted nightmare troop, Shadow-Hunter, is not on last stage, only Scurvy Seadog creating Blue mana for me to use, as none of them can use it.

Also, I’m very happy with new Yellow Bountyhunter troop. As from just a few turn, she can do 100+ skull damage and 40+ spell damage!

With just Legendary Captain, you always get x2 less multiplier whenever you use it. For just finishing all 20 level once, you lose the potential of getting (20+400)×10 = 4,200 score, and 400 more with every battle you farm at level 20.

It doesn’t seem much, but that almost 10K less in total, which would put last reward out of reach even with perfect play.

I think you could either buying Tier VI or just Tier V but using Asension orbs. Other options seem quite unlikely to reach all reward stages.

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