Bounty Weekend - Dead Parrot

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New Bounty Troop: Dead Parrot The Dead Parrot from Blackhawk, is this weekend’s Bounty Captain. The Dead Parrot will be available in the Bounty Shop, and will appear in Gold, Glory and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. Please Note: We are aware of a visual issue with the Portraits and Emoji Sets that are…

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Is there anybody, just anybody at all, who thinks that the avatar from this bounty event looks good?

Smashing a bunch of preexisting avatars into one picture and squeezing them until they fit (the pics are horribly stretched; did you not even bother to think about adjusting the ratio?).
Is the game so close to death, that you can’t afford new graphics anymore?

[Edit:] I see, it does not even match the avatar measurements in the chat. Did you do something to make your graphics designer hate you (like encouraging them to play the game)?


I have to say Monty Python is springing to mind in so many ways at the moment with all the stuff going on.

It’s steganography, if you look at it the right way it shows three vaults, two of which have been crossed out. Apparently the graphics designer is already playing the game. :clown_face:

That’s a bug (surprised pikachu). The game is smashing random assets together because they messed up the texture map again / the asset is missing.

Same problem with the chat emojis from this event.


I have a new class idea. Tell me to bugger off at any time, we need a bounty hunter class with traits for bounty hunting. So we can use our hero and not lose out on the bounty multiplier. Just a thought. Hope your days are bountiful… I’ll see myself out.

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It is, someone should point it out to them and if we get that it’s not a bug notice, I’ll be rolling in my grave :joy:

a bug on a weekend … this is just a thing now. nothing to see move on :rofl:


They posted a known issue about it in the Help Centre before reset, and it’s mentioned in the top post.

It’s a shame, and it used to happen a bit, but I think it’s been a while since the last time.

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Oh, yea, I had to click on it to see it fully… darn it, there goes my chance to laugh at this hard. :sweat_smile:

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Not all the world is affected by the Superbowl thing. Still a terrible idea.


The ‘Show Full Post’ button is working again??

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If I complain, when there are a bunch of timeconsuming events on Eurovision weekend, how will you react?


I only care about the devs kicking the can down the road(map).

That’s great an all. No one said it wasn’t or that vault plus bounty at the same time this weekend was a good idea.

Doesn’t negate the fact that not everyone watches it.

I, for example, don’t care - but I still also think this weekend was a bad idea (or a*hole design) with the events going on.

Thank you to Devs for saving the previous bounty team. I appreciate the effort made in making the game a tiny bit better. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned it.


I wouldn’t have guessed it to be an intentional change for this round – it sometimes used to save, as far as I remember, then stopped…

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Now if they could save faction assault teams too, that would be nice.

:point_up: This is an illustration of what happens to Bounty when there’s a Vault Event running on the same weekend.

:point_up: and This is an illustration of what happens to Arena Events, pretty much always.

Here’s to hoping the dots are sufficiently connectable.
:blush: :vulcan_salute:


I did end up playing one Bounty battle for the vault key at reward 5, but otherwise ignored it as Vault took priority. And until the offer system gets fixed (if it ever does), I’ve decided to boycott Arena entirely.

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