Bonus Event Pet Rescues

It’s a cosmetic pet. Why all the fuss?
What’s Next, give players opportunities to get missed portraits??

It has no effect on gameplay.
I mean, shouldn’t missed weapon be looked at first?


The fuss is about the single “bonus” cosmetic pet rescue disabling all standard pet rescues for a whole day. I don’t think anybody would mind an extra optional activity for some cosmetic stuff if it didn’t take away so many opportunities to gain something useful, on a day that sees the most play throughout the week.


That’s Not what i meant.
I meant why all the trouble to give players an opportunity to get the pet.
You missed it? Who cares, it does nothing, just like a portrait.

So it’s more « why are devs fussing about à way to give useless pets »

It isn’t like a portrait though. Cosmetic pets count towards kingdom power leveling.


How? Getting an extra 5 gems??
Or is it for kingdom level? If so, missed weapon should be a bigger concern

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Kingdom power level, yeah, though I’m pretty sure when the devs made faction pets count they also said kingdoms wouldn’t ever be hard-locked by cosmetic pets.

I could be misremembering, though.

To obtain kingdom power level 19, you’ll need 3 pets for that kingdom. So, cosmetic pets help reach that number. [Blackhawk has 3 cosmetic pets and 1 regular pet. lol] They also count towards leveling pet mastery. So, they aren’t useless like portraits.

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Not really. You need 2 level 20 Mythic pets to get Kingdom from Level 15 to level 16, so doesn’t do any good to get a cosmetic pet that you cannot realistically hope to every Mythic. Why think about level 19 when most will be stuck not being able to achieve 2 level 20 Mythic pets for level 15?

Many kingdoms are going to rely on 1 Kingdom/Troop Type/Misc Pet to 20, 1 Faction Pet to 20, and 1 cosmetic pet at any level.

The only Kingdom that needs 2 pets at 20 in the immediate future is Darkstone, next week.

And Swords Edge already at 15 to get to 16. @TheIdleOne Still, saying there is an issue at Kingdom level 19 when most will struggled to get a Mythic faction Pet to 20 (outside of 1 shot during release week) seems misguided.

So what day this weekend is it?

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A weekend full of nothing. And then you even block the standard pet hunt for some pet that could easily be added to the normal rota. Well done and thx again for nothing but a boring weekend

They posted the announcement on Twitter. If you have a twitter account this would be a great way to give them constructive feedback.

Perhaps consider ammending the pet gnome drop table so that if there is already a pet rescue going on (that you have completed) you have a chance of getting one pet or five food of the relevant type.

I’m so happy to hear this but, now it just diminishes the value of having the cosmetic pet unless cards have dates on them in which you obtained them.

I really don’t want another day in the week where we can’t chase pet gnomes. Having a whole Wednesday where pet gnomes are worthless is bad enough. If you want to bring back cosmetic pets can’t you just increase the fixed pets on Wednesdays. One pet is not much, we could have old pets, new pets and cosmetic pets. Give us more on Wednesdays.


Yep, Wednesdays have always been my least favourite day to play GoW because of the annoying 1 pet rescue restriction :frowning_face:

Devs don’t seem to want this to change though. Even though the majority of players would probably want more than 1 on Wednesdays I think, never has been explained why as far as I can remember.

I appreciate the effort to give us this but it does block my normal pets progression given the day it is running perhaps place it on a work week day

Would not the missing weekly class event be an attractive slot for an additional Pet Day once a month?
What would be super cool was if you could “stack” a few pet events, so when you rescue one pet you get a second (or subsequent) pet rescue event during the 24 hours