Weekend Pet Rescue - Dragonkitty

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Returning Pet: Dragonkitty

For one day only this weekend the Dragonkitty is returning for a special Pet Rescue. You can get your Dragonkitty from the special Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs.


Awesome, I got 1 copy of it. What should I do the rest of the day? Raid Boss is done, and pvp nerfed not being able to find a different pet all day…


Same here. I like the ideal of bringing back these 1 off pets, but 1 freakin copy; only 29 more to go. What’s the point when it’ll be forever before we see the pet again. Oh I know, sink those gems.
edit: I guess another point is to give the newbies a chance to get a pet they otherwise couldn’t get. But gosh darn it, so frustrating for those that have been around.


Woohoo! I got 3 - now i can relax the rest of the day not chasing pets & feeling sad because I missed any.

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Thanks for giving people that missed out on this pet the first time around a chance to get it. :smile_cat:


Others were feeling sad that they could only obtain one pet today… :frowning_face:

Two Wednesdays in one week :-1:

Choose one of my three responses.

The Realistic: I hung out with some friends at a bar and met a cool cat (as in a literal cat, not the slang term) named Calvin. I wasn’t really upset I wasn’t playing GoW.

The deep summer weekend: It’s too dang hot to do anything, I’m going to use the time I don’t spend in GoW chasing gnomes playing Doom 2016 instead.

The raised eyebrow: If pet gnomes are the only part of weekend play you find enjoyable maybe it’s time to find another game. If I’m feeling the “mindless grind” itch I find pets an annoyance.

I think the “pet issues” has somehow moved to #1 for the most wanted change. Imo it’s a small issue but that’s actually a good sign because it means there is nothing bigger to complain about.

Do I care about losing a few pet rescues? No, not really. Would I support a change to how pet rescue events work? Yes.


I’m glad this came around but, I feel it lowers the worth of the card unless you have a date as to when you obtained the card

Not again! Boooooo, Booooooo, Booooooo!

How about a double pet gnome spawn rate on sundays to make up for saturdays with cosmetic pets?