Bonus Event Pet Rescues

In order to allow players a chance to get more copies of older special event Pets, we’re going to be running a bonus 1-day Pet Rescue on that weekend, every month or so, when we don’t normally run any other weekend events. It will only be for a day, as we don’t want to get in the way of those who enjoy chasing the Pet Gnomes for a mystery Pet!

The first one will be this weekend for the Dragonkitty.

We’d love to hear any feedback you have afterwards.


I love having the extra Pet Rescue for another chance at cosmetic pets, but I also don’t like losing a full day of Pet Rescue opportunities once that Pet Rescue is completed. It also devalues the Pet Gnome enemy in PvP for that very reason.

If you could solve this somehow, this really couldn’t hurt.


Why not add these pets to the pool of Pet Gnome quests instead?


Thanks, GoW was starting to take up too much of my weekend time. Now I can do a daily chore and play other games every now and then!

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I like this idea because it does give us an opportunity, at least.

I do see two issues (one of which leads to a request):

  1. Some people will throw Gems at the weekend pets and gain what is effectively a Pay2Win advantage (since 99.9% of players will not have enough Gems to do that). Unfortunately, I don’t see any way around this without reworking Pet Rescue completely (eg: finishing these events always gets you exactly enough copies to ascend once).

  2. We already have a day where every Pet Gnome we see in PvP is a slap in the face. Having another day like that is a … mixed blessing. I talk about this in more detail here: Request: PvP pet rescue on Pet Event days

Thanks for streaming for us.

I think it’s a nice gesture and I appreciate the opportunity to get something that otherwise we couldn’t ever get.
However, I really dislike the fact that there is going to be already a second day on a week that all pet gnomes found will go to waste.
On top of that, now it’s happening on a weekend day, which is when many people have more time to play, which means focusing pvp on the weekend will inevitably mean more pet gnomes found with 0 progress in leveling any pets.
Overall I am not happy with this “nice opportunity”.

A way around this could be:
Maintain Wednesdays as the only 24 hour pet event day.
Keep offering a set rotation of regular pets on Wednesdays as always.
Include a second pet on some kind of sub menu, also on Wednesdays, once a month or whatever frequency. Maybe fighting the first 8 battles will give you the first set of rewards towards the regular pet, and then some kind of encore bonus set of another 8 more battles that would give the player the rewards (baskets + 1 guaranteed copy) of the older special cosmetic pet.


My experience (which may be different than other’s) has been that weekends tend to be catching up on weekly events & doing whatever the weekend event is, not grinding pvp. So while some people may spend most of their time outside of daily/weekly events grinding PvP, not all of us do. Most of my guild busts out PvP ranks early in the week and then do other things or relax on weekends, therefore I can’t say I’m in the least concerned about cutting back pet gnomes on the weekend.

Besides, this is once every 4-5 weekends. Because losing 1 day per month is going to put a serious crimp in pet searching? To obtain additional copies of special pets - I’ll take it hands down with no hesitation.


It seems useless: one chance to get the Cosmetic Pets every 5-weeks will not change a lot of things (hello the “I get one copy of the Pet”). There are already actually 13 Cosmetic pets so one try every year… Better than nothing but that will not help to get them Mythic.

Why not having two pools of Pets:

  • “without cosmetic Pets”: like now
  • “only cosmetic Pets”: only during a week-end or one day of the week-end

I appreciate being able to get old one-time Event Pets so thanks for that! I do have to echo the concerns that others have on missing out on Guild triggered Rescues. Please have the Wednesday and the special weekend Pet Rescues as its own event separate from regular Rescues.

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Absolutely agree. Would also be nice if we could trigger more than 1 rescue at a time and have maybe 2+ hrs instead of 1hr. This would allow newer players a realistic chance at leveling pets for Kingdoms. This will become a bigger issue as more pets are released.


I am proposing a simple solution.
Cosmetic pets should give you 31 copies of themselves.
There’s no need to sink Gems for that.


That’s what the pet shop is for silly - to buy them to mythic! Surely buying all tiers on the original day they are released & then again on the special rerelease should do it… :wink:

Seriously though - it’s ONE day every couple weeks - the same can be said that that one day of lost normal rescues won’t begin to put a dent in leveling other pets either at 1 pet per rescue. Even if you can’t get the cosmetics to mythic, you can still get them up 1 or 2 levels for the extra pet points toward gems & orbs…


Maybe instead of a single 24-hour pet rescue, every pet gnome during that 24-hour window would have the same (cosmetic) pet?


I’d say add it on the side of the regular pet event. A bit of an Adventure Board style, normal and rare rescues. That way we’d get a shot to old pets, without sacrificing a full day of play for it.

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Nice that this allows newer players to get event pets that wouldn’t ever appear again previously :+1:

Please don’t let this type of thing to become more common though, Wednesdays always suck big time for not being able to get more than 1 pet battle per day :laughing:


I don’t understand why pet events haven’t aligned to how all other events are run. The event is separated from the daily possibilities. I couldn’t imagine not being able to play the daily delves on Tuesday or use another class on Thursday.
The basket concept is also misaligned. Every other even you spend gems to get sigils for more attempts with increasing difficulty but higher rewards. If I could get multiple play throughs it would be the first time I’d use gems on a pet event.

If devs really want to give players a chance to get these missed pets, then why not simply add them to the pool of pet rescues (1 month after release like troops)?

And give us a choice of 3 pets to rescue as suggested by Sirrian in the stream would imo be the easiest and best solution to the pet problem.


@Nimhain @Sirrian @Saltypatra You asked for feedback? Based on the little info shared, I really dislike this idea. I suggest you add a pet weekend (boosted like Vault Weekend), or allow all pets to be the one you choose all weekend long, or allow pet events to stack and last more than 1 hr., or allow ALL Pet levels to count toward the 20 and 40 levels required currently for Mythic pets. At present, it sounds like Devs are reducing REAL pets and replacing them with a single shot at a useless? cosmetic pet every 5 weeks? Ouch!


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This will be nice for those who missed out on the pets the first time they were around, so newer players.

But if I’m being selfish, it sucks. It’s a day of not having any chance for regular pet rescues, and on a weekend when most of our guild is playing the game. It might get me a couple extra copies of the pets, but not nearly enough to get it to mythic, so pretty useless.

I’m guessing you’re doing it this way because it’s a minimum effort way to bring the pets back? Not much development needed to just add another event. I do hope you eventually find some time to do it right - lots of suggestions above sound great. I like the idea of having a “limited editing pets weekend” for example, where pet gnomes drop cosmetic pets only.

Just to add my 2 cents…

I like the general idea of adding a day to get missed cosmetic pets. This will be great for new players and returning veterans.

However, it would be nice if players could have the best of both worlds. On that day, let us have the one cosmetic 24 hour event while also allowing regular pet rescues to trigger. Why isn’t this an option?