Cosmetic Pet Weekend?

Questions on the forums answered by the devs seem to be RNG based. But I hope I get “lucky” with this one.

If this weekend doesn’t have an event (like a vault weekend) then shouldn’t we be having a Cosmetic Pet 24 hour event?

Or are those… Like questions being answered… also RNG based? :grinning:


In the past if we were going to have a cosmetic pet available we would see it easily here:

I also checked Tarans website and it doesn’t have a Vault weekend scheduled to start 24 hours from now.

I guess they are treating the release of King Bloodwood as weekend event, so no cosmetic pet rescue.

A Mythic troop has never been considered a weekend event. They are usually released in conjunction with other events since they are only released on weekends.

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Maybe they didn’t hear enough positive feedback…or see enough gems spent on shop baskets? Just saying. I don’t buy cosmetic pet baskets.

Sorry that shows as your quote, it was from the linked thead.

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Didn’t I see somewhere they will be a flash offer with the cosmetic pet instead of event? I think I like this idea better so as not to prevent guilds from getting regular pet rescues.

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Why not a “x2 token” week-end or a “x2 champion XP” week-end? :thinking:


They had a flash offer for 5 pet copies of least years Halloween pet.
But not every platform gets flash offers so hopefully they just forgot to do it this weekend. Otherwise that’s asinine. And makes the cosmetic pet weekends basically RNG based.

I guess you’ll get a comment Monday, I don’t exactly see them coming in on the weekend to make up for “oopsie we forgot we said a thing was scheduled”. I’d wager 6/7 they never acknowledge it though.

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People would love it if it didn’t block normal pet gnomes. It’s too bad the pet gnomes don’t end up in a queuing system after the exclusive pet is over.

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“We have no pet rescue scheduled for this weekend: the next pet weekend is currently scheduled on …/…/…”

Total typing time 24 seconds

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Questions can only be answered during streams. Duh. :grinning:


What I’d really like to see is a cosmetic pet weekend, where there’s a separate drop pool with cosmetic pets in rotation. If that happened where there wasn’t another event or even during a vault weekend on occasion, that would be amazing. People like the idea of a cosmetic pet event, but not if it blocks multiple pet events.

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Awesome! Tiny Torte this weekend.

Since tomorrow should of been a 24 hour rescue. And it’s not. I guess they canned the idea. Didn’t announce it of course. Just didn’t do it. Since now there’s no such thing as a “free weekend”.


We’ve already got a weekend event that nobody asked for, on top of new world event, class event, tuesday faction event and of course invasion WEEKEND EVENT. That’s plenty in my eyes. The forlorn hope towards end gaming that you crave isn’t likely to happen. In fact pets per se seem to be absent more than usual in pvp so it’s pretty clear that progression stalling has been ramped up. You are as likely to get proactivity from the devs as you are to get Trump to admit that climate change is a real deal. Kerching is the only focus in this game.


And it’s orc overload…boring as…

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