Weekend Cosmetic Pet (Seriously what do y'all do besides look for ways to nerf our enjoyment of the game?)

Template doesn’t matter for this issue.

During the very rare weekend 24 hour pet rescues. They are only supposed to be Cosmetic Pets that aren’t in the normal drop pool.

One zero events weekend was already skipped due to clear negligence.
So please have someone actually bother to manually put in a cosmetic pet that hasn’t been available in at least a year and hasn’t been a weekend pet already.


Minus the anger, I wholeheartedly agree. The weekend pet rescues were definitely always supposed to be for “unobtainable” previous cosmetic pets. This is either an obvious bug or an oversight, and it would be great if it could be fixed. Having a normal pet rescue day is a nerf to most players in active guilds.

And yeah, I’m hoping that these weekends aren’t forgotten about in the future. This was a great idea, and the last one being skipped was disappointing.


They actually didn’t forget it. On a stream, a dev stated that they weren’t going to do a cosmetic pet event every free weekend because some people complained about them.

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Yep… So it must be true.
I assume the stream Announcement came after the free weekend and not before it?

It was after the missed weekend that I heard it discussed on a stream. It’s been mentioned more than once on stream at this point as well.


There’s about 52 Saturdays a year.
Only 10 of them could possibly be cosmetic pet rescue Saturdays.

Since it started in August we’ve only had 2 pet rescue Saturdays I believe. And already enough negative feedback was given so that they “purposefully skipped a weekend?” Why because not enough folks were praising them and thanking them for it? Sorry, but that’s bull shit.

I’m beginning to seriously be disgusted that a question that would take 30 seconds to answer. Ala…

Can only be addressed on streams.
Like I know they want viewers, but that’s a dirty way to go about it.

If this Saturday isn’t a bug. I’m sure they’ll come out and say “it was a normal pet rescue on purpose due to complaints”.

It just won’t be stated here. Make sure you tune into the next stream to hear the devs blame all their publishers decisions on “community feedback”.


This isn’t a bug, it’s intended, we don’t run these extra pet rescues on a schedule and we never stated it would only be for cosmetic pets.

It’s just something we’re trying out from time to time for something different.

Glad you like them though, will let the team know.


We did get a fair amount of backlash when running these events on weekends, as many players felt that they couldn’t get a larger number of pet rescues during that time.

We never state that they would join the weekend rotation, and we were experimenting. We are unsure of how we will move forward, but asw Kafka said, we have passed on your feedback.


The backlash is going to be double now because absolutely no one wants an additional 24 hour pet rescue of a pet that’s found in the usual rotation.

The same folks who complained about the weekend pet rescues probably don’t like the idea of cosmetic pets in the first place. So it’s like asking a vegan what their favorite meat is and expecting a positive answer.
Most of the feedback that I see is folks wishing these 24 hour events could run concurrently with normal rescues. It’s possible to do that. It’s just a matter of deciding to spend the money and resources to do it. I have no clue if it’s worth it or not.

Regardless TL:DR 10 (max Saturdays) a year where folks can’t get a mystery pet is a pale comparison to the 365+ days a year exclusive cosmetic pets aren’t available at all. The ones who actually care about cosmetic pets are spending a shit more of gems (and therefore probably money) than those who don’t. Hate to make it about that. But when given the choice of whio to upset. Always favor the ones that help put food on your table. :man_shrugging:


Thanks to both of you for clearing that up. If you’re collecting feedback, I’d rank the options like this:

(Great) Returning cosmetic pets on free weekends
(Fine) No weekend pet rescue
(Bad) A normal weekend pet rescue, like this one

But I understand that other players may disagree, and some people don’t like the weekend rescues at all. Just my two cents.


I’ve always considered pet rescue as an unwanted distraction. If you are complaining about the lack of availability of cosmetic pets, I really don’t get the angst. Why disrupt your flow hunting something of no benefit? This is purely a completion issue but yes, if the devs are going to release stuff, then it should be available in one way or another. Personally it doesn’t bother me either way.

Cosmetic Pets count towards power kingdom stars.
The devs mislead folks by saying “no benefit”.


Fair enough. But I have become accustomed to my kingdoms being stalled as a direct consequence of unlevelled pets. A great suggestion recently was that the player who kills the gnome should be rewarded with a pet that isn’t maxed in his/her collection. This could include cosmetic pets but not faction pets. Now that pvp is kinda forgotten in favour of explore, the kingdom progression will stall further. Pets need to be accessible throughout the game, and not be confined to a mode that has recently been destroyed with the 4.7 gold and stat nerf




Personally, I’m feeling pretty binary here:

(Great) Weekend pet rescues that run in parallel with pet rescues triggered by pet gnomes
(Bad) Weekend pet rescues that prevent pet gnomes from triggering pet rescues

It’s like getting a free Flash Offer that blocks collecting tributes the whole day.


Ryan, you’ve won :smiley:. Salty just announced on stream that she passed on the complaints, and it’s no longer going to be Gargurgle this weekend. She believes it’s going to be Hoglet. Might change.


We need a thread dedicated to what valuable info Salty says on the stream. Do we know for sure what the next Faction kingdom is yet?

I appreciate the news. But we all win in this case. I can’t imagine it’s a very fun job on their end when the community is constantly mad at them. So hopefully this is a step back into the right direction.


Oh, I was just being facetious when I said you won :slight_smile: .

Maybe we could put notes on the Gems of Streaming thread like Lyrian does for update preview streams?
Someone did ask about Werewoods again but I missed if she answered.


Thanks for this @Saltypatra and team. :partying_face:

She said the associated kingdom is Maugrim Woods not Urskaya.


Just to resolve this thread.

Thank you devs for the change in the 24 hour pet rescue this weekend.

And of course the change didn’t benefit me at all. :roll_eyes: Lol

And totally meta of no one bothering to follow up @Kafka’s post with a “we decided to change it.”
Instead, word of the change was put out on a stream I hear. I’m not a fan of such practices. But hey do you.
I’m still thankful for the change. :grinning: