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Behemoth: the anti-Mab, anti-Maw

With the recent changes to Behemoth and especially to the impervious trait, Behemoth has finally become not only viable, but a highly effective counter to all those Mag / Maw teams out there.



For the sake of argument on the other side, maw and mercy could probably depending on your team comp, possibly kill all but behemoth.

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My Maw regularly owns Behemoths when I forget to switch my team (have free scout, too impatient to look sometimes). I still have board control so getting resources for the 1 free devour on (usually) the 3rd slot troop ups the Attack enough to take out the other 3 Impervious troops. Then I keep board control until Skulls come along… takes a little longer than your usual match but AI Behemoths don’t win matches.

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How? Mercy doesn’t do damage, and maw spell can only be cast once. With Hunger out of the way, I don’t see how they can kill more than one enemy troop without getting rid of Behemoth through skull damage first.

Sorry mab, but normally maw is filled by mercy.

With Mab, surely that’d happen. But she doesn’t need either Maw or Mercy to do that.


Maw is still pretty much unstoppable as the only counter is full impervious team. Against any other team, Maw will devour someone and then bone dragon will spawn enough skulls to tear enemy team apart.

The only reliable (more than 90% effective at least) counter to Maw is to control the board and kill him before he gets a turn.

The problem is that people stack him with BD, which means one of them is going to get a spell off before I can kill both unless I’m insanely lucky.

Not really a problem, the trick is to leave skulls on the board so the enemy will match them instead of collecting mana or casting a spell. With the Immense trait on Behemoth’s and a looping team, he can get a significant amount of beating before going down, so that method is usually pretty safe.

It’s been a long time since I last saw a Maw fire its spell against me, and while I did see a BD cast recently, that is not a common occurrence either.

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My team is susceptible to Maw’s 3rd trait so leaving skulls on the board is a risky business. It’s still better than letting him get his spell off, though.

I thought we were talking about using Behemoth though (it’s in the thread title after all), and he is immune to devour. I’m well aware that you can’t use that method if you make a team without an Impervious (or Indigestible) lead, but that is completely beside the point.

The post before mine started with “Maw is pretty much unstoppable”…

I was simply responding that, in my experience, Maw isn’t unstoppable, even without impervious traits on the team…

The post before yours talked about a full impervious team. When you said it wasn’t needed, I assumed you still meant having an Impervious lead at least, since without it Hunger is still a rather big problem (though beatable indeed if treated with caution).

Anyway, let’s assume we actually agree on everything and that was just a small misunderstanding.

Works for me! ROFL

My teamsetup is:

I let the maw take as many skulls as he likes and my Behemoth is now Idegestable. And immune to mana burn! And gets lots of hp by the looping mana generators.
Before the 10->13 nerf my team often wiped enemy teams without letting them get one turn. The only way to lose was when I didnt get a hole-in-one and the enemies maw got lucky skulls in that one turn. Getting 100 hp from my Behemoth led to a maw that was very hard to kill before he could fire off his spell… This happened in about 1 of 100 games.
Now the maw gets max 3 skullmatches but they dont bother me, since behemoth tanks them easily and safely
while I load and fire whole aoe rounds and I havent lost a match since the patch! Letting your front troop take the skull dmg and the rest the enemy mabs dmg is a nice dmg distribution without spell AND skull spike dmg on the front troop.

Try out that setup and love it :slight_smile:


Totally agree. Before 2.0.1 I used the second Mab in first slot, which was in a bit faster. Behemoth though is not only Impervious, but in this setup he is also an answer to enemy Impervious troops. This is a really great team right now.
One very little thing: I use it with Mab and Mercy swapped. Not sure if either setup is definitely better though. :slight_smile:

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I find that Behemoth in first position is a good foil for a lot of the current defensive strategies: Mab mana-burning / Freezing, Maw devouring / Hunger, Bone Dragon Frozen Soul Freezing, and the occasional other annoying de-buff like Burning or Death Mark.

I’ve been running the following team on offense. It’s fun, pretty fast and very resilient. The only downside is that there’s no real board control, but many strategies now tend to try to slow you down with Freezing in order to have time to build up momentum and crush you.

Monsters Inc.
Khaziel banner (Brown/Brown)
The Great Maw
Night Terror
Marsh Raptor

All fully traited, level 20. The Marsh Raptor’s Water Link helps the Behemoth charge up faster, and besides doing a goodly amount of damage to the whole opposing team, it helps charge up the night terror, which is very quick. The Night Terror and Marsh Raptor tend to snipe off at least one big bad opponent before they have a chance to fire, and often the more aggressive units have lower life/armor (like Mab, for instance).


I think that’s the first time I’ve seen anyone suggest Marsh Raptor for a team. It’s so crazy it just might work!


You haven’t seen my anti maw team. http://ashtender.com/gems/teams/6238,6084,6195,6104

Nice Monster Mash team! I subbed in a traited Mist Stalker in place of the Night Terror, works just as well, plus you cover purple and get a small Mist of Scale bonus too!