Board control/Mab, Maw counter

I’ve been enjoying great success with this team, quite fun! Keep the goodies away from Maw and keeps the board from Mab’s colors too.

Infernal King


I only just got jarl this week and now it seems another jarl team has entered the fray.

This may sound quite like I’m being a killjoy here, so I apologise.
Fun team it would be, but Jarl’s spell is probably the worst thing to use against either Maw or Mab, there really is no board control.
Against Maw, you’re creating yellow gems without knowing placement. AI will usually have a yellow banner up for him also.
Against Mab, although you have Mercy, you’re not creating any green or blue to get her multiple casts. Apart from the chance at getting multiple troops frozen, you’re also giving Mab’s favourite offsider, Valkyrie, her very colours to choose from.
Edit: For true board control, type ‘transform’ into the search of your troops. Endless options to wipe any team without the AI getting more than one turn along side your Mercy and IK


I’d say on paper it looks more difficult but give it a go if you feel inclined as it is truly a fun team to play. It’s quick and easy, Jarls will reload themselves and keep board control, especially with 2 and the Huge and Fiery cloak traits on Jarl can get their lives up above 100 while burning the entire team if you lose control of the board.
Mercy loads King at the start so you can begin to own the board. Best thing I could say is the combo of King and Jarl makes for an exciting and joyful game of keep away while taking them down.

Here is a nice example of success against Maw, Maw, Mab, Mercy

My apologies for not getting the shot right before, I’m new to posting. Good news is I did have fun taking them out and got the second Jarl up nicely in health. Maw only fired once too.

Ok this should be a better example if I did the pictures well :wink:
Here goes, board control vs. Maw, Maw, Infernal King, Mercy
Should show the progression and board control a bit better.


Ha! Well I gave it a go, I’m not good at posting turns out
Sorry for poor order of pictures :wink:

Maw’s spell can only fire once per game, per team.
Using more than one in a team is a waste.

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They are probably hoping for the buggy third trait to devour some extra troops if the first Maw gets killed.

It was my understanding that if you had 2 maws then each of them can fire once (for a total of 2 casts) can someone show confirm that this is not true

The Trait isn’t bugged, matching 5 is bugged

This was discussed awhile back in another thread. Maw’s spell is a one-shot ability. So, it only occurs once per team. It doesn’t matter if you have 4 Maw. However, his third trait skull devour can continue to happen.

IMHO, the trait is bugged. When I write code and it isn’t doing what I expected it to do, that’s a bug. Sirrian has already stated that the code for the third trait isn’t doing what they expected with stacking percentages.

As for match 5 counting as 6 points, I don’t know if that is or is not what they want it to do.

Considering 5-matches don’t always count as two matches (it triggers about 50% of the time), I’d say it is unintentional.

I made a separate topic about it and got an answer that, while explaining how matches work, completely avoided the 5-match issue. I asked for a specific answer on it and it has been completely ignored, no matter how many developers I tag.

It would be nice to get an answer to the question about 5-matches for sure.

It seems to be a console thing though or it is just much much more rare on pc to happen as i have not consciously witnessed this 5 match glitch happening to me yet.

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Same. I have yet to see that glitch on PC/mobile.

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Proof then the two versions have separate code for their boards and not copied over as claimed

been playing for almost a year and a half on pc/mobile - whats a 5 glitch? :smiley: never seen where i didnt get at least the 10 mana (or 11 or 12 based on flags)