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Battlecrashers on Vault Weekend

ALOT of Battlecrashers so far this vault weekend

I love Vault weekend, but all I seem to get is BCs

Why put BCs on gnome weekends?

Thank you


Gnomes will always take priority over Battlecrashers, I have gotten a lot of BCs lol 500 gold is nice, but id rather have the gnomes appear more lol…


5 gnomes -1 vault key

5 set




Just confirming officially that Battlecrashers do not appear in battles where a Gnome spawns. Gnomes take priority.


I have done same amount of battles as last week and droprate of gnomes is RIDICULOUS LOW

First let me say thank you for the unexpected vault event, but PLEASE PLEASE turn off the Battlecrasher. I have seen it more in this one day since reset than all week, gnomes are RARE in this event since the tracker.

I’ve gotten 0 Vault Keys in 4 hours, having gotten at least 3 pity timer Vault Keys. This feels so bad. I haven’t even seen a Daemon Gnome in a battle yet.


The battlecrasher is everyother match it seems and the other gnomes are few and far between. You all have it backwards. The gnomes need the drop rate of Sharkey. I should not see Sharkey 6 out of 10 matches. Its a gnome weekend for a reason but gnomes are no where to be found. The drop rate sucks. I’ve played for over 1 hr nonstop and I’m setting on 4/10 gnomes for a vault key. Way to low.


I thought I was getting crazy… but it seems to me, more battlecrashers less gnomes

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Have you tracked it? How many Gnomes are you seeing per X number of battles?

I think this is by design, since BCs have a much higher spawn chance. In regards to the vault event BCs are completely out of the equation: since gnomes take priority, it is their own spawn chance that matters. Which, as it turns out, is pretty low, but again by design (6.67%), so really can’t see any issues here except for unreasonably higher expectations from the player base. Also consider that the spare guaranteed vault keys you will be getting from the new tracker will likely yield better rewards than dozens of single gnomes spawning with a higher frequency here and there, so devs have actually already introduced some means to make the event more rewarding.


Devs - disregard this thread! Don’t listen to them! They know not what they speak!

Battle crashers give free stuff (gold this week!) - why on earth would we want them reduced??? We’ve already been assured gnome drop rate is unaffected by battle crasher appearance. If I don’t get a gnome, I’ll certainly take the battle crasher as a consolation over nothing at all. Before gnome weekend started battle crashers were already showing up with huge frequency (I had 6 in a row at 1 point!).

These complaints about battle crashers boggle my mind! :man_facepalming:


Oh cool, the once-per-Vault-event “Wow Vault keys have a really low drop rate but I usually have good luck, now that it’s affecting me I’m really angry about it, please don’t look through my history and see me yelling at people who think it sucks back when I was doing well” thread.


Of course i tracked. 1 gnome per 11 battles now and 1 gnome per 4 battles last event…

1 vault key per 38 minutes last minute
1 vault key per 59 minutes atm

if you was talking about the gnome weekend that celebrate 5.0, yes, it was intended that way.

700-750 battles - 58 gnomes - 0 vault keys. Is the drop rate the same as in previous events?
Maybe bad luck? No, just another piece of “generosity” from the developers.

I give up on this vault event, gnomes are on holiday.

1 gnome / 4 battles for last week? That sounds like you just very good luck, and now you just have normal luck.

really that is such bs

3 and a half hours ranked pvp delivered 4 gnomes total. One was a pet gnome and my reward for killing it was a rescue with one of the few pets I have already maxed. Battlecrashers are non stop in comparison. But at least BCs make the fights faster and easier.