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Battlecrasher vs Vault event

This weekend is a Vault event, yay! However… There’s also the Battlecrasher for three more days.

If i’m not mistaken, there can only be one “special” troop per battle. With “special” i mean a troop carrying an extra reward (=gnome, sigil tower in invasion and Battlecrasher).

Does that mean that this weekend the Battlecrasher will become a Vaultcrasher? Because it will override basically almost all our gnomes as the Battlecrasher rate is much much higher than the gnome rate.

That would be really ridiculous as the Vault weekend is an event that everybody’s looking forward to each time. I don’t remember any Vault event overlapping with the Battlecrasher in the past.

I really hope this is unintended and that the Battlecrasher will be disabled during the weekend.

From what I see, first the enemy team is set up (which may or may not include gnomes), and as a second step a battlecrasher might kill one troop (yes, it’s actually counted as a kill) and take its place.
If there is a limit on special troops, it only prevents battlecrashers.

(unless I am wrong of course)


Could be indeed. It purely depends on how the algorithm works. If it’ll roll a dice for deciding the Battlecrasher first, it will already be known before the battle even starts and then kill animation is just a fancy animation.

If it works like you say, then i don’t have any issue with it. I must say that I didn’t get any gnome yet though and a bunch of Battlecrashers instead. Hence my thoughts.

I really wonder how it impacts the gnomes. Let’s hope for some clarification from our devs and/or a fix!

I really wonder how the topic suggestions work on this forum hahaha… My title clearly contains the same topic as the post you just shared so it could’ve suggested it and avoid my new post :D… It was not suggested though.

Thanks for sharing, let’s hope it’s true!


Battle crasher as two words instead of one. So it couldn’t connect the two separate topics.


I sure wish these gnomes would show up as much as these dumb rabbits…


It’s a massive nerf to gnome weekend. That and GW makes this kinda crappy.

It’s also sad that we didn’t get the usual vault flash offer with vault keys and gems for $2. That is one of the best deals that comes around, and I always encourage new players to take advantage of it. But it didn’t appear this weekend. I know there was a 1-day offer in the Easter shop with some keys for $15, but that’s out of range for a lot of folks, especially people in the early days of a new “f2p” game.

It was actually a better deal since it was 8 vault keys (I believe) and not just “some”.
But yeah because of the Easter offers they couldn’t do the normal $2 for a vault key deal.

There are two vault key flash offers that I recall. 2 keys plus 100 gems for $2, and 3 keys plus 50 gems for $2. Both of those are better than 8 keys for $15, though I don’t remember how many gems, it was not enough to make up the difference.

I’m only aware of this but with 1 key instead of 2.
The $15 one was for like 1k gems.

$15 was for 750 gems + 8 vault keys. A good deal in this game.

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8 keys and 750 gems for $15 is one of the best vault key deals you can get. The other one is 100 gems and 1 vault key for $2, which is the same cost for gems, but with the 8 keys deal, you get a “free” vault key.

The third flash offer is 50 gems and 3 vault keys for $2, which is HALF the gems per $1 as the other offers, but three times as many keys.