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And please no vault weekend during battlecrashers

Vault weekends during battlecrashers event are clearly a bad idea.

First, vault and battlecrashers event do exactly the same thing : replacing a unit by one of the event. What is the interest to have 2 events that does the same thing at the time?

Second, battlecrashers CLEARLY influence the drop rate of gnomes.
I know that the opposite has been repetead many times. But as we say in French “observation is stubborn”: the gnomes drop rate is much lower during battlecrashers event. And this is ruining the vault event.

So I don’t know how has been programmed the arrival probability of battlecrashers and gnomes. But I see an easy way to have battlecrashers that lower the gnomes drop rates.
Let just say there is a 1/3 chance to have a battlecrasher and a 1/5 chance to have a gnome. So, over 100 battles, you may have 33 battlecrashers and 20 gnomes.
But, what we know is that you can’t have a battlecrasher and a gnome in the same battle.
And the “20 gnomes for 100 battles” become “20 gnomes for 100 battles without battlecrasher”, leading to need 150 battles to find the 20 gnomes. And a global drop rate for gnomes that decreases from 20% to 13%…

So please no vault weekend during battlecrashers event


The stated implementation is: on game start, roll for gnome. If no gnome turns up, roll for battle crasher. Assuming that is true, then battle crashers don’t affect the gnome rate, but the other way around - you get fewer battle crashers.

I know you’ve seen this stated elsewhere. If you are unconvinced, log your battles, check the drop rate yourself. If you log enough, you will likely see it’s just your perception that’s off :slightly_smiling_face:


Would you also present your actual data?

Let’s take this year for example…
January 31-February 2 gnome rate - 8,61%
March 6/March 8 gnome rate - 10,76%
May 15/May 17 gnome rate - 10,30%
June 19/June 21 gnome rate - 9,31%
July 17/July 19 doesn’t count because of doubled gnome rate (19,29%)
August 7/August 9 gnome rate - 8,94%
August 14/August 16 (with battlecrashers) gnome rate - 10,60%
September 11/September 13 gnome rate - 11,02%
October 16/October 18 gnome rate - 9,88%
November 27/November 29 (with battlecrashers) gnome rate so far - 11,43%

Well, to my eye nothing suggests that battlecrashers decrease gnome appearance rates thus, until I see otherwise, I’m gonna trust the devs in this particular instance.


strange because for me in September and October, I was closer to 15~20 than the 10% rate (on whiche I fully agree when there are battlecrashers)

Expect than Batllecrasher has priority to gnome. I already had a gnome replaced by a battlecrasher.

And the most boring, it is once a battlecrasher has appeared you HAVE to beat it. Even if you quit the battle he will reappear as long as you don’t defeat it (even it appears in exploration and you quit and go to PvP, he will appear in PvP)

Battle Crashers still have no effect on a players chances to get a gnome during a battle. Despite how many newer forum users attempt to argue with regular forum members otherwise.


And the numbers of time you repeat that “battlecrashers have no effect of gnome appearence” don’t change the fact:

  1. Battlecrasher game design is the same than gnome (replace a unit by predefined unit)
  2. Battlecrashers change the behaviour of gnome (a battlecrasher can replace a gnome)

This should never happen.

Keep in mind that not every gnome is a vault gnome. If you’re doing PvP, you will see gnomes on player’s teams that players put on the team. Unless the gnome has the coin bag on it (much like the battle crasher), then it’s not a real gnome that drops extra rewards. And yes, those gnomes can be replaced by both real gnomes and battle crashers, because they’re just regular troops.


I actually agree, but only from a psychological perspective rather than an actual/statistical one.

Players are prone to thinking that battlecrashers affect gnome spawn rates, which is bad for their experience of the gnome weekend regardless of whether or not the rates are actually affected. In that sense, it could be a smart business decision to separate them.

It’s also possible for players to be hoping for a gnome, and therefore be disappointed when it’s ‘only’ a battlecrasher, which might otherwise be a positive experience. A well-informed player might be able to shift this perspective and realise that it’s a positive occurrence regardless, but again, psychologically, some players might not feel the same.

Maybe if both gnomes and battlecrashers could appear in a battle together, not replacing each other (or potentially having the battlecrasher kill the gnome for you :sweat_smile:) (:dizzy_face: :exploding_head:) there’d be no confusion, and universally positive experiences (again, just from a business and play-experience perspective rather than a “what benefits the player’s resources” one).

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it was in exploration
Yes it should never happen

Battlecrashers non stop and gnomes nowhere.

Having a hard time believing that. There are players who play thousands of explore battles on vault weekends and this has never been reported. I’d say get a screenshot, but that won’t show much (still, take the screenshot), so… dunno, report it if it happens again. That would be a bug and unintended behaviour.

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Gnomes NEVER replace pure gnome defence.

I can only speak for myself here, but the last gnome weekend I had a gnome appear approximately every 7-10 matches, with a key drop rate of about 9%.
This weekend I’m getting a battlecrasher every 3 matches on average but a gnome every 20-25.
I appreciate that RNG has to be taken into account, but I have played considerably more this weekend with drastically worse results.

Moreover, if a battlecrasher did replace a gnome (which I agree probably didn’t or shouldn’t have happened), this would only confirm that gnomes appear first, battlecrashers second, meaning that the appearance rate of gnomes would be unaffected (and you’d get rewards for the gnome ‘killed’ by the battlecrasher, which we know does actually kill the unit it replaces).

I’d probably want clarification on what was believed to have happened (e.g. order of events and more detail), but without a video it’s probably not going to matter a whole lot.

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Correct. The assertation from devs that crashers have no impact on gnome drop is pure BS.

Thing is, the devs do not sit there playing explore 5 for 17 hours. A small sample test for 10 minutes does not accurately represent what happens. I got two vault keys in my first hour, and a further two over the remainder of the day.

Not one VK. I don’t care. I’ve always known that “gnome weekends” are pointless. Not only do the devs not play their own game, they jog on for weekends off and let you enjoy the misery of false hope

The loot itself is almost irrelevant, its the though of loot that is tantilizing!

I understand what you mean. And if they did that, I’d be OK with it, because I know it confuses people. Obviously :laughing: I wonder how many support tickets on the subject they have to deal with.

That said, I LOVE battle crashers that give gold on vault weekends - I see the battle crasher as a consolation prize, it’s extra gold on a weekend when I’m doing lots of quick battles, what’s not to love? :smiley: It doesn’t happen very often and it would be a shame if it went away just to make people who don’t get it happy.

This is a better rate than most people experience, it averages out at around 10% (1 out of 10 battles).